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Patio Sitting Areas: A Place To Sit, Eat Al Fresco, Relax, Entertain and a SANDBOX?

Eating Al Fresco is one of the simple pleasures whether it’s summer or fall. Being outdoors just seems to make everything better. What changes if you have a poorly designed sitting area? Lots of newly built houses often have a patio or deck at the back of the house. However, many times they merely are a “token” patio or deck. There may be a couple of concrete slabs, but a lot of times it isn’t a big enough space to accommodate the needs of even a small family. Choosing the right spaces and the right light is key to a

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Add Landscape Pizzazz with Garden Structures: Fences, Trellis, Gazebos, Arbors

If you want to add some landscape pizzazz to your yard nothing beats knockout flowering shrubs like hydrangas and annual and perennial flowers! But, to set off the plants and give your garden some shape you’ll need some garden structures. A partially enclosed garden structure can be a refuge and provide shade during the day and a quiet respite at night. Fences and trellises can be used to create seperate outdoor living rooms in a backyard. Low wide walls made of natural stone or concrete can provide seating. Spas or hut tubs, outdoor kitchens, decks, or a series of decks

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