Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy Your Outdoor Space After Dark

Landscape Lighting Techniques Used By The Pros
Minnesota isn’t exactly a warm weather paradise, and we know that the time you have to use and enjoy your outdoor space is limited. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the time you do have. Installing low voltage LED lighting on your property is an easy way to get the most out of your outdoor space.

Practical, Functional, and Attractive

If you’ve got an outdoor area that you enjoy using frequently such as a pool, patio, or outdoor kitchen, why let night falling force you back indoors? Landscape lighting allows you to comfortably use your yard or outdoor space long after the sun has set, giving you more hours to enjoy outdoor living. Low voltage LED lighting schemes play with shadow and light. Whether you love throwing outdoor dinner parties, enjoying a glass of wine on your patio at the end of a long day, or just taking in the sounds of a summer night, low voltage LED lighting creates an inviting ambiance for after-dark relaxing and entertaining. Different lighting schemes provide a number of practical and functional benefits as well.

Enhance Your Home’s Look with Backlighting

Cast a welcoming glow on your property and make it stand out on your street. Backlighting illuminates building exteriors, fencing, trees and bushes to create accents on you property. You can be sure that your home will always look inviting and attractive, even when the stars come out.

Highlight Favorite Landscaping Features with Uplighting

If you love the big tree in the middle of your lawn or want to show off the rock garden you’ve recently had installed, low voltage landscape lighting is a great way to draw attention to those areas that make your yard special. Uplighting creates focal points with one or more lights from below that draw in the eye and force it to pay attention. It looks great with statues, stone work or large trees.

Add Security to Your Property with Downlighting

Outdoor lighting of any sort discourages prowlers and burglars. Low voltage lights provide that extra level of security without the harsh brightness of flood lights. Soft lighting placed near stairs, walkways and pathways in your yard or business front makes it safer and easier to maneuver in the dark.

Gently Light Dark Areas with Moon Lighting

Property nears lakes, mountains, or in rural areas are often pitch black at night. Moon lighting is a tree lighting technique in which we put lights up in larger, mature trees. The effect is a soft glow that eliminates large areas of darkness and will make you feel like the moon is close enough to touch.

We can also help you other lighting needs, such as low profile markers for pathways, fashion lighting for your planted areas and surface lighting for pool areas, decks and stairways.

Go from Good to Amazing with Landscape Lighting

Low voltage landscape lighting can make all the difference in the look and feel of your property. With just a subtle addition, you can make a dramatic statement. Versatility in design, placement and numerous options mean you can get the look you love, with the features that you need, at the price you want. Low voltage LED lighting is:

Easy to Install At Any Time

The easiest and most time efficient installations are done at the same time as other landscape installations, but budget or time constraints mean that’s not always possible. We understand that you may not be ready for lighting, you’ve recently decided you want lighting after all, or you want to change your current lighting scheme. Fortunately, the installation process for our low voltage landscape lighting is simple and completed without much hassle. Unlike other electrical installations which require trenching, our lighting schemes are easily laid under mulch. That means your lighting fixtures can be put in place or changed at any time, as a part of your original landscaping plan or afterward.

Won’t Wreak Havoc on Your Utility Bills

While you can expect an increase in the electricity bill any time you install lights or leave lights on longer, low voltage LED lighting is relatively inexpensive. Often, the increase in the amount due per month is less than the cost of lunch. We also offer options that will further negate the price of operation, such as light dimmers or timers. That way, you’re in complete control of when and for how long you keep the lights on. Even better, LED lights do away the filaments found in traditional bulbs, meaning they last much longer. In fact, you may never have to buy or change a bulb!

Vary in Levels of Illumination

Whether you need plenty of light to safely operate your grill at night, or you just want some dim accent lighting for your garden path, we’ve got you covered. Low voltage lighting can create a wide range of brightness depending on your needs. The bulbs can be easily switched out to accommodate varying illumination needs on the same property.

Come in a Variety of Styles

Just like every other part of our landscaping services, we want your style to shine through. Whether your home sports Victorian sconces, clean and ultra-modern lines or you want a little Southwestern flair, we can help you find a style that will fit your tastes perfectly.

Are Budget-friendly

With all the different styles, materials and options available, we can create a low voltage lighting scheme to fit any budget. We offer fixtures and options at a variety of price points so that you don’t have to compromise your vision just for the sake of your wallet.

You Said It Was Easy,
So Why Not Just Do It Myself?

We’ll be honest with you. You could go to your local home center, buy a landscape lighting kit, and install it yourself. But we don’t recommend it. DIY kits, more often than not, are overly simple and leave your property looking like a airport runway rather than an enjoyable space that is every bit as functional as the rooms in your home. They also lack the variety and quality of fixtures we offer at ALD.

ALD offers warranties on all lights and fixtures. Additionally, we can provide follow up maintenance services if you ever have problems with your landscape lighting. You won’t find that kind of customer service in a cardboard box.

If you hate going indoors just because the sun is going down, we’d love to show you how low voltage lighting can extend and enhance both the quality and quantity of outdoor living.