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Making the Most of a Patio With Custom Outdoor Furniture

Do you struggle to make the most of your patio space? We’ve been there- watching that outdoor area go unused or cluttered can be frustrating. Through many years of landscape design, we’ve discovered custom outdoor furniture can really help transform such spaces into stylish and functional spots. Here are some intriguing insights that we would like to share with you! Four Main Benefits of Custom Outdoor Furniture Custom outdoor furniture offers several benefits, including increased seating options, improved style and aesthetics, the ability to create multi-level lounging areas, and enhanced comfort for a more enjoyable outdoor experience. 1. Increased Seating

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Tips for Creating a Stunning Outdoor Entertainment Space

If you want to elevate your porch or deck to an outdoor entertainment space, there are many factors to consider. You want to know that the area is practical and will get plenty of use to make it worth the investment. You want it to look like your dream while complementing your home’s aesthetic. These tips will help you create a stunning outdoor entertainment space. Determine Usage The first step toward creating a stunning outdoor entertainment space is determining its usage. Do you want a cozy spot to get fresh air while you read a book or visit with friends?

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Revive Your Patio With Inspiring Outdoor Furniture

If your patio feels a little drab, it can be tough to enjoy this outdoor space. A patio should be an oasis; no matter how big or small, there are always a few ways to make it a bit cozier.  With a bit of time, a budget, and some new outdoor furniture, you can bring vital life back to this often-neglected concrete slab. Here are some suggestions to help you determine which outdoor furniture looks right for your patio. How To Select the Perfect Outdoor Furniture Selecting the ideal furniture for your patio will depend on a few factors. You

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7 Design Ideas For Greater Outdoor Living In 2023

Outdoor living in our Minnesota region is expecting a continued resurgence of practices many of us have long embraced. While the use of technology makes our lives easier in or outdoors, its the unique expressions of our personalities and lifestyles that will take our outdoor spaces to the next level. You may discover one of these seven design ideas that are underrepresented in your outdoor living space. If that’s not the case, maybe it’s time to refresh one or two to refine or elevate the overall design theme. #1. Invest In Quality Furniture And Accessories Quality materials will last longer,

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Winterization Tips for Outdoor Spaces, Features and Landscape Systems

After a long Minnesota winter, homeowners willingly take on the task of getting their outdoor living spaces ready to use. Clean up and light maintenance prepare hardscape features and their surrounding landscaping to enjoy. As the cool autumn weather sets in, people get busy with work and back to school routines and dismiss landscape maintenance and winterization. You might lack the time needed to perform all these tasks, or you may not want to take on extra work on top of your day job. This is understandable, but you may regret your decision when you discover it could cost thousands

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5 Fire Feature Ideas For Every Outdoor Living Space

In our modern world, people need ways to unplug from technology and the routines that seem to be intertwined with it. They’ve lost their connection with nature, something that is easily restored with water and fire features. Fire Pits Are Year-Round Features Not everyone has the space or budget for a swimming pool or a reflecting water element, but nearly every backyard can accommodate a fire pit or one of its fire feature cousins. If you have not considered a fire pit, you may not be aware of the options available to suit your budget, space, frequency of use, necessary

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