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10 Outdoor Dining Space Designs for Small Backyards

Summer in the Midwest is the best time of year to go on a hike, a camping trip, or spend a weekend at the lake. It is also a great time to take an extended vacation either by yourself or with your family. However, there is nothing better than spending a warm summer night in your cozy backyard for those who don’t prefer to travel. Create Your Backyard Paradise Sometimes you need to take time for yourself to relax, especially when work has been stressful. No matter the size of your small backyard, you can still turn it into a

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5 Great Game Day Additions for Your Deck

In the great state of Minnesota and around the rest of the country, football game days are no joke. Vikings followers, cheese heads, and other die-hard fanatics of local and national football teams turn a simple Sunday into a boisterous and bustling tradition. Crisp fall air and the crack of an ice-cold beer are enough to make anyone’s weekend worthwhile. Inviting buddies over for the big game is always fun and exciting, but with the right outdoor deck accessories, you can take your tailgate to the next level. Taking Advantage of Your Deck Outdoor spaces are an excellent place to

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Modern Trends in Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

Outdoor kitchens, bars, and dining areas are all the rage right now. Incorporating modern and trendy outdoor kitchen accessories into your architectural landscape design can enhance your property value and create a relaxing, inviting atmosphere for any guests. Boost Your Property Value Well-crafted outdoor hardscapes are hard to come by on the real estate market. Homeowners who add attractive features to their backyards, such as pools and spas or outdoor living spaces, will find vast improvements in their property value. Don’t think of backyard improvements as “keeping up with the Joneses.” Instead, reap the benefits of installing useful accessories in

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Attractive Outdoor Storage That Works

  Landscape storage doesn’t have to be an unattractive mess. You can protect your belongings with secure storage that is custom-designed and crafted by experienced carpenters. Storage built into and under decks disappears when designed as part of the structure. Stand-alone architectural landscape structures are also complementary alternatives. Outdoor furniture, sporting equipment, and toys need the right storage so that they can be used and protected throughout all of the seasons. For cleanliness and care, they should not be combined with tools, lawn mowers, and other outdoor equipment that use fuels and oils and that come into contact with the

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How To Prepare Your Wood Deck For Winter

  It’s time to prepare your wood deck for the winter to protect your investment and keep it safe for those times when you have to use it. These recommendations also apply to wood outdoor furniture and landscape elements such as wood arbors, pergolas, and fences. The age of your wooden structures will largely determine its current moisture content. As wood ages, it naturally dries out. This is part of the aging process. Going into winter it’s common for wood decks and other structures to be quite dry. That could change over the winter if they are not properly sealed.

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The Perfect Outdoor Furniture for Luxury Lounging

Everyone needs time to unwind, and it’s always easier to find that time when your backyard is a beautiful, relaxing outdoor oasis. You can create the ultimate escape for your family and friends with luxurious outdoor furniture. Intersperse attractive lounging areas around your backyard’s other elements like pools, patios, firepits, and dining areas. When you furnish your luxury patio with elegant lounging areas, your guests will never want to leave. Building a Beautiful Backyard Oasis When crafting the perfect outdoor escape, there are a wide variety of elements you can choose from for your backyard space. If you’re focused on

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