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10 Ways to Use Planters in Your Pool Deck Design

So, you finally have your dream pool all set up and ready for use in your backyard. The water is crystal clear, cool, and beautiful, but now, what can you do to really ramp it up to the next level? What about some attractive poolside planters to accentuate an already outstanding landscape design? Planters are an excellent way to bring in a pop of color to your pool deck and add a bit of personality to your outdoor oasis. 1. Custom Planters For homeowners who haven’t finished installing a pool, custom planter boxes can be a great choice. Custom planters

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12 Sturdy Landscaping Trees to Stand Against Minnesota Weather

  Every landscaping enthusiast knows that trees provide many benefits for the local community and biodiversity besides offering beauty and shade. Trees and other foliage help reduce stress rates. People’s heart rates drop when they are in the presence of trees. In turn, property values increase when there are beautiful, mature trees nearby. Trees also help protect the area animals and insects, including bees. In chilly climates like Minnesota, trees also offer a natural buffer against the winds. As a result, there are countless reasons to plant a tree. However, not all trees can survive the brutal Minnesota winters. We’ve

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Using Plants to Define Your Property Line

Landscaping is both an art and a science, and homeowners are constantly on the hunt for creative ways to implement various growth on their property lines. Plants and other natural additions can be a great way to define property lines, eliminating the need for unappealing fencing. So, where do you start? Well, before planting any growth near or on your property lines, it’s always recommended that you have a firm grasp on where the boundaries lie. Check with a surveyor to get the exact dimensions of your property lines to prevent any issues down the road. You can also look

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7 Plants That Will Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

If you’re a nature lover and enjoy butterflies visiting your yard, there are many flowers you can plant that will provide them with the nourishment they need along with creating a whimsical atmosphere in your front and back yards. Butterflies go through a unique series of life cycles: egg, larvae, pupa, and adult. Many butterflies have one life cycle per year, and most adults only live for two to three weeks. In their adult life, they must find a mate, reproduce, seek out food and shelter, and find nectar to fuel each of these activities. Butterfly Garden Necessities Butterflies are

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The 15 Best Plantings for a Pop of Winter Color

The cold, dark, and dreary weather of winter can take a toll on people’s mental health. One way to improve your spirits during the colder months is with colorful winter landscaping. There is a vast range of attractive plants, trees, and shrubs that look striking against the stark, snowy ground or wintry sky. Colorful winter landscaping adds value to your property and helps improve your spirits as the cold clutch of winter takes hold. 15 Winter Plantings for a Pop of Color People often associate the winter months with dull, dreary, and drab weather. While this might hold true, your

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8 Features to Add to Your Property’s Modern Zen Garden

From scatter-brained soccer parents to overworked business executives, most people live a lifestyle that is always on the move. Moments for zen, often described as the state of “no-mindedness,” are few and far between. Also known as a Japanese rock garden, traditional Japanese zen gardens were established during the Muromachi Period (the 1300s-1500s) in Kyoto. They were found at Zen Buddhist temples, but their use has been popularized in home gardens in modern times. Your zen garden should be a place for peaceful relaxation, meditation, and introspection. It is a reprieve from the stressors of daily life. There are many

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