Top Three Reasons to Install a Cement Patio

Summer is finally just around the corner, and you’re probably gearing up to host barbecues or back yard parties. If you already have a patio, you already know how great they are for those types of gatherings, but if you’re thinking of installing one, take a look at what cement patios have to offer.

Durable:   One of the main reasons concrete is so popular is because it’s so durable. Unlike wood, it won’t fade or rot over time, so you won’t need to worry about staining or replacing bad beams.  Unlike patios made out of pavers, there are no cracks between the stones through which grass and weeds can grow. This means less time spent pulling weeds, and more time enjoying your gatherings.  Best of all, cement will stand up to scorching Minnesota summers as easily as it does to the deep freeze of our winters.

Versatile:   In addition to its toughness, cement is unique in that it can be molded to meet any space constraints.  Concrete patios can also look like the more expensive stone and tile options through stamping, stenciled, engraving or texturing processes. Combine that with its ability to be dyed any color you want it to be, and you have an option that can match any décor.  These features all add up to a creation that you can customize to your unique tastes. Your outdoor get away will be yours completely, and not a copy of any one else’s in the neighborhood.

Cost Effective:   Installing a patio is also a great investment. They cost less to install than many other outdoor structures, and they add value to your home’s equity. Since they need so little maintenance, you will also save money on repair supplies like stain, sand and timber.  When you invest in putting your new patio in, you’re summer get-togethers will be better than ever before.

ALD designs and installs hardscape features such as patios in the Minneapolis area and surrounding communities.