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Landscaping Around Decks

Did you recently install a new deck in your backyard? Are you looking for deck landscaping ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will detail several top deck landscaping ideas and give you plenty of inspiration for landscaping around your new deck.  Do you want to gather more pool deck landscaping ideas or under-deck landscaping designs? We’ve got you covered! We also explain how to best perform landscaping around a raised deck. We will also answer several frequently asked questions about deck landscaping.  Ready to find out more? Let’s get started! The Best Deck Landscaping Ideas

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Winterization Tips for Outdoor Spaces, Features and Landscape Systems

After a long Minnesota winter, homeowners willingly take on the task of getting their outdoor living spaces ready to use. Clean up and light maintenance prepare hardscape features and their surrounding landscaping to enjoy. As the cool autumn weather sets in, people get busy with work and back to school routines and dismiss landscape maintenance and winterization. You might lack the time needed to perform all these tasks, or you may not want to take on extra work on top of your day job. This is understandable, but you may regret your decision when you discover it could cost thousands

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Deck to Patio Transition Ideas

When designing outdoor living spaces, you want to encourage and allow people to move from one area to another easily. If your space includes multiple levels, such as a deck and a patio, your deck to patio transition is an important aspect. Steep, narrow stairs between these areas are not conducive to people mingling and could even be dangerous for those whose mobility is limited. Instead, you’ll want to incorporate wide, gently sloping levels that create seamless transitions from one area to the next. This design allows you and your guests to enjoy the various outdoor spaces around your home

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Know Where Value Lives In Hardscaping and Landscaping  

  Did you know that the landscape industry term hardscaping did not even exist until the early 90s, at least here in the United States? Back then, landscaping was mostly ornamental plantings. The most common hardscaping enhancements for homeowners were wooden decks because brick and stone supplies were limited, as well as the technical expertise for working with them. Since that time, our industry has seen an explosion of hardscape products that are easier to install. Now that material supplies are abundant, well-intentioned contractors and handy homeowners are taking on hardscaping work that was previously the domain of experienced tradespeople,

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How To Choose Between 3 Season and 4 Season Rooms

To be boxed in is a common feeling. It describes the experience of feeling restricted or limited in one’s options.  This is a feeling many homeowners experience when they embark on important landscaping projects, those that typically require a significant investment. Nobody likes to make mistakes, to build something that may solve one problem when, if it had been better planned, could have created multiple outdoor living options.  3 season and 4 season rooms, for instance, enable homeowners to enjoy an outdoor space over the course of multiple seasons. They give you the freedom to enjoy an environment that is

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How To Get Outdoor Lighting Right In Any Landscape

DIY or Do-It-Yourself is a concept whose origins go way back before HGTV or Etsy. Professional help was hard to come by, so we recruited skilled friends and neighbors, and often bartered our expertise in exchange.  Nowadays, small home improvement projects, such as painting a bedroom or adding storage shelves to the garage, are ways for creative and handy homeowners to take greater pride in their homes. Landscape lighting is traditionally considered an add-on service, but recent landscape lighting trends suggest it has evolved into something far more complex. Even the most basic landscape lighting systems require experience to simultaneously

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