Yard and Landscape Grading Services

Drainage Solutions

For any landscape, rain is inevitable. However, if there is not effective landscape grading or yard grading for drainage, rainfall can pose a significant risk. There is more than what meets the eye for good landscaping. In fact, it involves good yard grading and landscape draining by the knowledgeable drainage contractors at Architectural Landscape Design that can help prevent damage to your landscape and residence. 

Quality landscape and grading is based on what occurs underneath the topsoil. By having effective residential grading and foundation grading, you can avoid flooding and costly damages to your home. With lawn grading and drainage, you won’t have drowned plants or puddles on your lawn. If you’re ready to talk to one of our experts about landscape grading services, contact ALD today to get started.

Residential Grading and Drainage Services

To avoid flooding, puddling, or water buildup, uneven ground and hills should be avoided. Residential grading and foundation grading can help you get more use out of your landscape, as well as improve water drainage. Land grading involves reshaping the earth so that it is more stable and level.

Here’s how our grading process works:

  1. Our expert drainage contractors dig up the selected area and move the dirt – at times from higher to lower sections of land.
  2. Once the dirt has been moved, the ground is smoothed and leveled.
  3. If developing a structure, the soil is stabilized using concrete and other mechanisms.
  4. For landscaping, permanent vegetation is established for stabilizing purposes.

Grading is most commonly used for building projects, surface runoff, and reduced erosion.

Simpler Landscaping

Land grading simplifies the landscaping process, creating an improved foundation for future projects. Yard grading helps in this effort by helping to create an ideal area for specific tasks.

Drainage Damage Prevention

Our yard and landscape grading services include drainage damage prevention solutions. Avoid rainfall pooling, flooding, and catastrophic damages to your property. Our expert drainage contractors help channel water away from your foundation to proper areas. Whether you’re just getting started with construction or need drainage prevention solutions on your current property, we can help.

Increased Landscape Usability

Architectural Landscape Design helps you get the most out of your yard with unmatched yard and landscape grading solutions. Our team has experience dealing with steep slopes, and uneven areas, and creating beautiful additions to already-established areas of the property.

Healthier Landscape

Create a healthier landscape with proper yard grading. Eliminate water drainage concerns and create a suitable bedrock for future landscaping efforts, lawns, and more. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the benefit of reduced pests like mosquitos that are attracted to pooled water.

Importance of Yard Grading for Drainage

It’s important for the drainage system to be functional. In fact, without functional drainage, there is no functional landscape. If you don’t address drainage issues on your property, you may face massive property damage. That’s why it’s so important to evaluate drainage needs prior to residential grading.

While completing functional drainage may not be the most eye-catching part of landscaping services, it might be the most important. That’s why you want a drainage contractor that is committed to addressing drainage issues competently and installing drainage correctly from the get-go.

As expert drainage contractors, we conduct an initial evaluation of your property and review your current drainage situation. This means we’ll review how water is currently directed on your property and the slope steepness. We’ll also talk to you about any issues you may be having, such as standing water or flooding. 

We want to know about these problems, including mulch and topsoil spilling out after it’s rained, standing water in the basement after a downpour, or the sudden appearance of a small pond after a storm. This information will help us assess what you need and how to fix your drainage through landscape grading.

Foundations Through Lawn Grading and Drainage

As expert drainage contractors, ALD is focused on being sure we get it right from the very beginning. During the initial consultation, our expert drainage contractors will chat with you about your landscape design ideas and how to create effective drainage for water runoff. We mean that if a new patio is put in, the water that once seeped into the grass must be rerouted. During this evaluation, we chat with you about changes that need to create effective drainage and how the changes will fit in with your budget and vision.

We start with site prep work. This includes excavating for the new landscape. Excavation is the most important step  we’ll be taking in installing an effective drainage solution.

Landscape Grading and Drainage Solutions

There’s no one size fits all drainage solution. Our expert drainage contractors will work with you to create the best solution for your needs. We create functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape drainage solutions.


When we grade the site, we’re changing the levelness of the site or shaping the site so that it will accommodate the features in the landscape design. Re-grading can help direct water runoff to avoid water pooling or potential property damage. We go above and beyond to ensure that our re-grading service matches your vision so that you can have the landscape you deserve.

French Drains

The French drain can be used as part of the landscape design. For example, rocks can be used to fill the trenches made, making it look like it is only a part of the landscape. Architectural Landscape Design’s expert drainage contractors can create French drains that meet the water runoff needs. By creating French drains, you’ll get the drainage solution you need that does not take away from the rest of your landscape design. French drains can be used to accent a landscape design, as well as have practical value in addressing water runoff needs.

Catch Basins

The most familiar type of drain is the catch basin. This refers to a basin or basket that has a grated top. It’s placed into the ground and is either even with or just below the surface of the ground. Architectural Landscape Design’s expert drainage contractors can help you create a stunning landscape, even if catch basins are used. This is because we can help place the catch basin in a place that is less noticeable or make recommendations for plant “camouflage” that will keep it from being seen as much.

Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are a great option because they fit into the landscape and are eco-friendly. A rain garden is a garden that has been planted into a hole. As a result, rainwater is collected and absorbed as ground water. Thus, the plants in the garden are watered. However, no one but you will know it’s a rain garden because it looks the same as any other planted area. Architectural Landscape Design’s expert drainage contractors can create a rain garden that will exceed your expectations through the selection of plants that adapt well to the environment.

Dry Creek Beds

To some, a dry creek bed is nothing but an unattractive ditch. In our opinion, dry creek beds are works of art and serve the same purpose as a ditch, but designed to be visually appealing, like a stream running dry. This means that cut stone and polished rocks are used to line the dry creek bed, which makes it possible for excess water to be channeled to an appropriate draining area. The dry creek bed design is one of the most versatile, which means it’s a functional drainage solution that looks like it’s intentional.

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Here at Architectural Landscape Design, we know how important it is to have a strong foundation, and we know you want to see a beautiful outcome as soon as possible. As drainage experts, you can be sure that you’ll be getting a solution that meets your needs and at a price you can afford. Our landscaping experts have the knowledge and skill necessary to create works of art, even as we work to protect your property through effective drainage solutions. If you haven’t settled on a plan for your landscaping design, our experts are available around-the-clock. Contact ALD today for your free landscape grading estimate.