Building an Outdoor Office on Your Deck or Patio; A Spring, Summer, Fall Office

Have you ever been working inside and thought about how great it would be to do your work outdoors? Do you have a space that just calls to you to come outside when you should be working inside? Why not build an outdoor office on a deck or a patio?
Set up your office headquarters on a deck or patio outside. We can help you bring your work outside by installing a deck or patio for the foundation of your office. Topping the office with a 4” by 10” feet pergola or arbor overhead can provide partial shade and give the sense of an enclosed area. A work surface or desk can be made out of either wood or stone. Adding waterproof connections for electricity and lighting rounds out the basics of what is needed for setting up your work outside. If you like we can make “outside” walls with fences and retaining walls that will afford you partial or complete privacy.
In addition our landscape architects and designers can also plan and install koi ponds, waterfalls, and year round interest plantings to further mix business with pleasure. We can round it out with outdoor fireplaces and fire pits, grills for entertainment and business pleasure.
Spring, Summer, and Fall your office can be headquartered on the deck. When the office is closed for the day or the winter the deck can be available for other deck activities. The desk can serve as the place to set a buffet, bar, or add pots of greenery to view throughout the winter complete with lights from the waterproof electric connections.
It’s the coordination of the elements of the arbor or pergola, the desk, the patio or deck, and waterproof electrical connections that can transition space into a practical and attractive outdoor office headquarters.
We can help you develop your outdoor office call 952-292-7712 for a free one hour no commitment consultation.