Two Businesses Combined

Carpentry is a pillar of all of the design work that we do here at Architectural Landscape Design. We have the resources and knowledge to complete in-depth carpentry projects of a wide variety. The carpentry that we do adds to the aesthetic appeal of our landscaping and helps our clients use their home environments to the fullest.

Architectural Landscape Design (ALD) was once two separate companies. Our founder Laura was focused on landscape and horticulture, while Tony specialized in environmentally conscious construction. Laura and Tony partnered to create ALD, which combined their unique specialties. ALD’s designs now incorporate both landscaping and construction, to deliver beautiful outdoor environments to our clients.

Because of our strong background in carpentry, we’ve been able to offer services that many other companies that work in outdoor spaces cannot. This includes basement remodeling, bonus rooms, complete deck construction, customized stonework, fully functional outdoor kitchens that include electricity, gas, water, and lighting, and outdoor living rooms. The list goes on!

Our Carpentry Services

Here is a list that will show you the work that we are capable of:

Garden Beds

We can make raised beds, or change a hill into flat terraces that host garden beds through the use of retaining walls. We believe that a strong foundation will give your garden bed the ability to flourish.


We offer three classes of decks: 3 season, 4 season, and mega decks. We keep your unique vision in mind throughout the installation process. Each style comes in many color options, and we can customize your deck through custom stonework, shaping, and multiple levels. You can also choose to have us install a pergola.


We can create a patio from scratch, or upgrade the one that you already have in place. From lighting to landscaping, we’ll install the features that make your patio into a beautiful oasis.

Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Areas

Outdoor kitchens and dining areas are popular upgrades for homeowners that wish to spend more time in the great outdoors. Enjoy the breeze as you create your next culinary masterpiece, free from the confining walls of the kitchen. Fun additions include pizza ovens, custom stone furniture, and fire pits.

Conversation Nooks

Carve out a quiet space for intimate conversation in your yard. Your conversation nook could be a part of your outdoor living room, deck or porch, or it could be a stand-alone feature in your backyard. We can plant gorgeous flowers, shrubs, and trees in the vicinity, giving you and your guests a great view as you share a cup of coffee or tea.

Serenity Spaces

Looking for more peace in the midst of a hectic life? We create serenity spaces within yards or gardens. These little quiet havens give our clients a place to meditate, read, pray, or enjoy nature.

Basement Remodeling

We love helping our clients find functionality in underused spaces. Our basement remodeling services include complete renovations and refinishing of basement spaces our clients want to make into livable, welcoming spaces. We can waterproof basements, and even do foundation repair.


Our porches are built into your space in a way that fits your needs and vision. We’ll work with you to design and install a porch that is harmonious with the rest of the house and delivers just the room for relaxation that you have in mind.


A Pergola is a perfect addition to your custom deck. Pergolas can also be added to gardens or poolside for a touch of shade. Trex Pergolas are one of our favorite options because they are made of 95% recycled wood and plastic film that is extremely weather resistant and doesn’t rot or splinter. Add in lighting and creeping plants, and you have the perfect space to gather under for a meal, or to take in the spectacular views around your home.

Outdoor Living Rooms

Here at ALD, we find that hardscaping is the best way to create inviting outdoor spaces that make a room feel like an extension of the home. We offer many varieties of flooring including brick, cement, and pavers. Stone walls with raised garden beds provide a visually appealing border to many outdoor living rooms.

Outdoor Bars

Outdoor bars are more than just purely functional countertops where you grab a drink. The bars that we install are gathering places meant to be shared and enjoyed four hours at a time. Custom stonework adds a sense of affluence, and luxurious details like heating, water, and electricity give you all of the comforts of an indoor space.

Our Approach To Carpentry

We come into every carpentry project with a relationship-based approach. We first get to know you and talk about your vision for the project on hand. By listening and working with you, we’ll consider your budget, your goals, and the existing features of your home and property.

The designs that we create are always fully customized to fit our client’s vision and style. Our experience in the field helps us work with your idea to produce results that delight. Feel free to read through our many testimonials to see the ways that we’ve thrilled our clients over the years with various construction projects.

Carpentry Services Deliver Outdoor Living Options

Many of the carpentry services that we offer are based on our desire to expand your living area. With the right design in place, the outdoors can become an extension of your interior environment.

Outdoor living spaces deliver all of the comforts of interior areas, but with the enhancements of the outside — like stunning views and the feel of the sun on your skin or the breeze in your hair. These spaces also allow you to increase the number of functioning rooms that your home contains, and add value to your property.

ALD is much more than a landscaping company. We offer carpentry services based on years of experience in the field. When we combine carpentry with landscaping, the results are stunning. See for yourself by browsing through our gallery.

We’d love to talk to you one on one about your next carpentry project. Schedule a free no-obligation consult today by giving us a call at 952-242-9368 or sending us a message.