The Best Laid Plans; Why Work With A Design Landscaper in Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer?

Why would you want to work with a landscaper in designing your yard in any of the four seasons? Your yard offers different views in all seasons that help in the planning process and much of the physical part of landscaping can be done in from spring through late fall. In developing a landscape plan at Architectural Landscape Design our designers and architects begin with a carefully thought out plan based on your needs and wants that includes a step-by-step process. Well review it’s:
Boundaries-We’ll establish the boundaries of your property with you. Looking at boundaries we determine whether we should install fences, hedges, stone walls. We want to be considerate of the views that you have and your neighbors currently have considering the different seasons.
Ground levels-We’ll review your ground levels and drainage. Are there any areas where we want to change the ground levels? We may want to build and install retaining walls, level ground areas, or maybe even dig and install fire pits water ponds or reflecting pools, stream beds, or waterfalls.
Primary infrastructures-Is there a need to plan to build up primary retraining walls to hold back soil, is there a need for walls to create raised beds. What paths, driveways, sidewalks, edges of flower beds, gate posts, foundations for potting sheds, steps, or any other hardscapes we should plan to build?
Features and details– We’ll put in or build the main features, or the “fun features” like install liners for water ponds, lay patios, erect sheds, build gateposts, hang gates, erect pergolas, arbors, and trellis, and build walls.
Lawns– We’ll add the topsoil and finally roll the ground. Than either laying down sod or seeding the lawn we’ll finish the ground.
Planting-We’ll review our planting plan one more time and start by planting the main feature trees and shrubs, and than the subsequent plantings. And if we put in a pool or a pond we’ll fill it.
Let us help you plan your landscape any season of the year, call Architectural Landscape Design Minneapolis at 952-292-7717.