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8 Outdoor Living Trends For 2021 And The Decade Ahead

  Now that 2020 is squarely in the rearview mirror, it’s time to recognize its impact on how people want to experience their outdoor environment. One certainty is that we all have a greater appreciation for it. Outdoor living transformed our lives the past year. We were advised to quarantine, to stay in our homes and away from other human beings until the risks of the pandemic were fully understood. This made stepping outdoors an experience that triggered a flood of emotions, depending upon where and how you lived. Take anything away from people and they want it more, no

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Attractive Landscaping Ideas for Any Property

Every home needs an attractive landscape design. Adding beautiful garden plantings and inviting elements like seating areas, pools, patios, waterscapes, and outdoor dining spaces all immensely improve your curb appeal and property value. There is an abundance of appealing outdoor features available for both large and small properties. Plan the landscape design for your property according to its size and see just how stunning your small or large space can look all year long. Understanding Your Acreage Beautiful landscape plans are possible regardless of your property’s size. There are tons of attractive and unique features to implement that will vastly

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Preparing Your Pool for Winter

Many homeowners spend the entire summer building a beautiful backyard for family and friends to spend time enjoying the outdoors. You can plant eye-catching flowers and trees, install a stunning pool or spa, or sit on a perfectly landscaped patio. During the Covid-19 pandemic, some people even turned their backyard into a dedicated office space for at-home work. However, at the end of the warm summer season, homeowners have to winterize their pools and other outdoor landscape design features to prepare for the harsh winter elements. Homeowners that take time to maintain and prepare their pool for winter often avoid

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Tips for Creating a Beautiful Backyard Spa

Are you in desperate need of an escape from the draining doldrums of everyday life? Perhaps its time to consider implementing a private outdoor spa on your property. Hot tubs and saunas are attractive backyard elements by themselves, but a designated spa area, complete with all the trappings of a five-star resort, can take your landscape design to the next level. Adding unique elements to the spa space creates an alluring atmosphere where you can spend time unwinding after decidedly difficult days at work, school, or after taking care of your children. Installing Luxury Spa Features First, you’ll need to

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10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Backyard Poolscape

Standing at the sink, staring off over a snow-covered Minnesota landscape, it’s challenging to conjure up the image of a sunny summer day. It’s even more difficult to picture yourself poolside when there are multiple inches of snow on the ground. However, when the snow and ice thaws and the beautiful midwest summer creeps in, you’ll be longing for the refreshing, relaxing elements of a backyard poolscape. Enhance Your Home With Beautiful Poolscaping When the hot, humid Minnesota summer makes its way around, you’ll be wishing you could dive straight into a beautiful, blue pool. Implementing a pool into your

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8 Features to Add to Your Property’s Modern Zen Garden

From scatter-brained soccer parents to overworked business executives, most people live a lifestyle that is always on the move. Moments for zen, often described as the state of “no-mindedness,” are few and far between. Also known as a Japanese rock garden, traditional Japanese zen gardens were established during the Muromachi Period (the 1300s-1500s) in Kyoto. They were found at Zen Buddhist temples, but their use has been popularized in home gardens in modern times. Your zen garden should be a place for peaceful relaxation, meditation, and introspection. It is a reprieve from the stressors of daily life. There are many

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