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Winterization Tips for Outdoor Spaces, Features and Landscape Systems

After a long Minnesota winter, homeowners willingly take on the task of getting their outdoor living spaces ready to use. Clean up and light maintenance prepare hardscape features and their surrounding landscaping to enjoy. As the cool autumn weather sets in, people get busy with work and back to school routines and dismiss landscape maintenance and winterization. You might lack the time needed to perform all these tasks, or you may not want to take on extra work on top of your day job. This is understandable, but you may regret your decision when you discover it could cost thousands

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Why Autumn Is The Perfect Season To Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting or outdoor lighting is one of the best investments you can make in your home for several reasons. To appreciate its value, take notice that nearly all prominent retail and commercial properties in your community have outdoor lighting. These properties may not be open for business at this time, but not being well-lighted sends mixed messages. Nighttime lighting demonstrates that you want to be visible, that you appreciate being in the community. Illuminating buildings and their outdoor spaces showcases the property. It strategically accents key elements in ways that are not possible during daytime hours. This builds the

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Why Autumn Is Ideal For Residential Lawn Rejuvenation

No matter how strong your lawn care skills are, your residential lawn will suffer the effects of daily use and fail to look its best after a potentially hot and dry summer. While regular lawn and landscape maintenance, such as periodic mowing and watering, are essential, they are not enough to keep your lawn healthy and looking its best year-round. There’s a good chance your lawn will rebound in the spring, thanks to recharging during its winter dormancy. Yet, it will fare even better if you take effective measures to help it make the most of that rejuvenation period. Now is

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How To Restore and Maintain Stone, Brick and Block Hardscapes

Hardscape surfaces have been part of landscape projects for centuries. Traditional masons worked with clay brick and natural stone to construct durable columns, walls, and patio surfaces. The distinction is that only the most affluent homeowners had direct experience with these architectural landscape features. It wasn’t until the late 90s that these architectural hardscape features became accessible to a wider range of homeowners. In fact, it was this trend that was responsible for the use of the term hardscaping. Before then landscaping was plantings and hardscaping was more accurately referred to as masonry. The methods for maintaining and restoring natural

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Irrigation System Design and Maintenance: What Homeowners Need To Know

Landscape irrigation systems have changed significantly in the last twenty years. More intelligent technology makes them easier to use and customize to save time and money.  Minnesota is blessed with abundant moisture year-round, but conserving water supplies is rapidly becoming a top priority in communities across the country. Homeowners invest in automatic irrigation systems to protect the beauty and long-term vitality of their landscapes. In some regions of Minnesota these systems are only used occasionally, but in those peak watering times it is vital that they work as planned and designed. In addition to the initial investment to install an

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5 Expert Tips For A Lush And Healthy Lawn

Homeowners will do almost anything to have a thick, lush lawn. This is even true for those who seem to care little about the surrounding landscape. They are emphatic about having a lush, green, well-manicured lawn that stands proud. It’s the one landscape element that everyone understands. Lush Lawns Make The Landscape The truth is even the best landscapes appear average if the green space that frames them does not look its best year round. Experts agree it’s easy to have a lush green lawn in the springtime when conditions are ideal. But what about the mid-summer days when you

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