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Hillside Landscaping Ideas to Improve Your Sloped Property

Most people would love a beautiful garden, but the challenge of hillside landscaping on a slope can be daunting. A steep slope can make it difficult to find level ground for planting and can lead to soil erosion if not adequately addressed. With creativity and hard work, you can turn your sloped property into a stunning garden oasis. Here’s what you need to consider for hillside landscaping on a slope and some tried and true hillside landscaping ideas to get you started. What to Consider for Hillside Landscaping Ideas Hillside landscaping presents unique challenges to consider. Before you start picking

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2023 Outdoor Living Trends For Simpler Lifestyles

Landscape design is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every year. What’s interesting about the 2023 outdoor living trends is the resurgence of methods and practices that temporarily faded. The leading landscape outdoor trends for 2023 reflect a desire to enjoy outdoor spaces that are functional, sustainable, and connected to nature. Homeowners are seeking a gentler lifestyle, one that allows us to get back to enjoying Nature’s simplicity. There’s nothing about it that needs to be added or subtracted to improve it. All we have to create opportunities for its richness to enter our lifestyle. By incorporating these trends into

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Low Maintenance Landscaping Ideas for Minnesota Homes

Lawns and gardens take a lot of work to maintain. You must plant the plants you want, trim them, water them, rake leaves, and remove them if they die in the bitter winter. It doesn’t have to be hard when looking for low maintenance landscaping in Minnesota. If you can plan a little and put some thought into the design of your lawn, you can have a beautiful landscape without lifting a finger. What Is “Low Maintenance”? Low maintenance landscaping in Minnesota means you’ll never have to water your plants, weed as much, or just put as much effort into

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Pre-Winter Landscape Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Want To Do

There are plenty of outdoor maintenance tasks that should be done before the winter hits. Autumn is the best time to get these tasks done, but even early winter can work if the sun is shining and temperatures are in the 30s or warmer. Not only will this tidy up your yard, but you will protect your home and outdoor living spaces from the effects of cold winter temperatures, winds, snow, and ice. Clean Garden Beds of Weeds and Redefine Edges Garden beds need a thorough cleaning ahead of the winter. The garden beds will be more attractive when they

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How to Design a Layered Landscape

Layered landscape designs are a fantastic way of taking your garden to the next level. After all, there’s just something so enchanting about walking through a head-high symphony of colorful flora and brush. The large volume and complexity of layered garden beds may seem impossibly overwhelming at first, but rest assured, with the right know-how, anyone can create beautiful scenery wherever they please. If you’d like to start revamping your garden, keep reading for a full guide on layered landscape design. What Is a Layered Landscape? Landscape layering compiles plants of varying heights arranged close to one another to create

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Winter Landscaping Ideas: Make Your Property Look Great in the Winter

If the cold, bare look of your yard in winter depresses you, you can spruce up your landscape with some fantastic winter landscape ideas. Whether you want to focus on sustainable gardening or strictly winterizing, you can use hardy plants or other outdoor items, so you can love your property in the winter just as much as you do in the warm months.  You may think all you can do to curate your yard during the winter is add some rocks, but you can do so much more. Keep reading for the best winter landscaping plants and other fabulous winter

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