Minneapolis Deck Builders

As the premier deck contractor for the greater Minneapolis area for almost two decades, Architectural Landscape Design takes pride in enriching our customers’ lives and properties. For deck maintenance or full deck and patio replacement, we create the ultimate outdoor experience for homeowners and local businesses. Our highly functional and artistic deck and porch services are how we share our passion for togetherness, cooperation, and mutual growth.

How we shape outdoor spaces and how that space allows people’s lives to unfold is a deeply enriching experience for us and our clientele. This core value is at its peak when we put the finishing touches on our work and see our clients and community members enjoying the physical result of their vision.

Learn more about our services as a complete in-house decking contractor as you plan your own ideal outdoor oasis. Creating the outdoor space of your dreams is our lifelong commitment – and we are both proud and humbled to help our communities connect with each other while enjoying their own slice of paradise.

Experienced Minneapolis Deck Builders

Architectural Landscape Design (ALD) sprang forth from a mutual passion for beauty and aesthetics. Being family-owned and operated, ALD approaches deck and landscaping design from the perspective that a beautiful abode can enhance one’s commitment to genuine, flourishing relationships. Having unique skill sets in their own right, the Westrude duo combines the keenest eyes for horticultural and landscaping design with advanced, environmentally conscious building techniques to enhance livelihoods in our communities.

Since 2003, this dream has grown and proliferated into a full suite of the most exceptional decking and landscaping services that has enhanced relationships with each other and with the land throughout Minneapolis neighborhoods. These combined passions also drive a professional commitment to impeccable customer care, company culture, site management, and business management services, so that our clients are in the best hands possible. Every step of the way, our dynamic partnerships allow us to concentrate on what we do best: uniting talents to handle even the most complex projects in a spirit of excellence and service, according to our clientele’s own unique vision.

Deck Replacement

At ALD, we consider porches and decks to be extensions of the indoor living space and to be as important as the house they are extensions of. Designing our decks and pergolas with this in mind generates enormous expansion in the joy and enjoyment of what otherwise can be merely a place to put patio furniture. We value the use of a space just as much as its aesthetic appeal. By approaching even the smallest and humblest deck replacements from this perspective, our fully custom outdoor living spaces invite life and passion to unfold.

ALD’s expert deck contractors work closely with the customer to bring their vision to life, and we just as readily have popular, standard designs ready to show for those still brainstorming their ideal outdoor area. We have a wide variety of modern deck materials to select which are chosen for their resilience and longevity in even the most irregular Midwest weather patterns. For deck replacements, we go the distance to fulfill our client’s exact vision while making experientially informed suggestions, as appropriate. Above all, we strive to bring the right materials, colors, and other design elements together to complete the overall vision for your new porch, pergola, or deck replacement.

Renovate Deck

Custom Decks and Patios Features

When combining these elements, we go beyond the standard designs to create breathtaking spatial invitations and outdoor areas that are as functional as they are relaxing. Customers are delighted when the finished project becomes more than just a new deck or patio and a bona fide living space. Our fully detailed deck and patio designs are complete with any number of functional and beautiful design elements, such as:

  • Fully integrated railing
  • Overhangs and enclosures
  • Ornamental pillars and arches
  • Low-voltage lighting elements
  • Bold and unique staircases
  • Ornamental and functional landscaping
  • Stone- and tile-work
  • Safe and inviting fire pits
  • Weather-proof sound systems
  • Outdoor stovetops
  • Custom outdoor furnishings

ALD’s finished deck and porch designs contain a depth of tasteful design elements at every turn. Your guests will enjoy spotting previously unseen details, and you’ll all have the sense that you are spending time together in a true work of art.

For a multitude of reasons, it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that ALD’s work is a true investment in the home and lifestyle. We ensure that the deck and patio space becomes a prime component of the property’s usability and enjoyment – not to mention a source of enhanced property value.

Beautiful Pool Decks

An expertly crafted pool deck goes a long way in ensuring the entire pool area itself is as fun and safe as possible. We go beyond the standard place-setting of most poolside deck designs and ensure that it has the highest level of function along with the form. By focusing on end-use from the start, we synthesize many different factors into a cohesive whole, including:

  • Comfortable and slip-proof stonework;
  • Clear sightlines from the house to the pool;
  • Integrated lighting;
  • Beautifully landscaped surroundings;
  • Entertainment and recreation equipment.
Pool Decking
At every step, we place hand railings, fences, and gates according to safety and utility, which are of the utmost importance when creating pool decks and patios for the home. We also have the equipment and knowledge to prepare the land for the pool installation. Our skillset is simply massive and enables us to lay the entire foundation on which the pool deck will ultimately exist. ALD can also perform all the necessary earth and drainage work to make sure the entire pool area will function in harmony with its surroundings. This is an advantage over sub-contractors who don’t usually have the finishing touches in mind because it is not in their purview. Being mindful of the finished pool deck’s nuances, we undertake the necessary land excavation and grading with the end design firmly in mind. Our designs also incorporate beautiful and environment-respecting waterscaping features, including:
  • Fountains
  • Waterfalls
  • Ponds
  • Creeks
These added elements transform a simple backyard pool into a veritable paradise – all right there whenever you want it. ALD brings all our talents together as a single, in-house pool and decking contractor, giving us a unique vantage over the entire poolside construction, ensuring cost savings and better adherence to the final design. This ensures that the entire poolside space is safe, inviting, and highly functional in a way that just isn’t possible for separate pool and deck contractors.

Screened-in Decks

Always seeking to expand the usability of our decks and porches, ALD’s expert deck contractors consider how to best weather our dynamic Minnesota seasons. The most reliable method is a screened-in deck and porch area. With increased heat and humidity, our clients are able to keep pests away easily and at minimal expense with full or partial enclosures on their new or pre-existing decks. Overhead framing keeps snow accumulation to a minimum, and the enclosure enables homeowners to heat space enough to make it usable even during some parts of the winter. The sense of enclosure provided by a screened-in deck is itself an inviting element that opens the door to further design work while reducing exposure to the elements.

By considering outdoor design elements with as much artistry as an interior designer approaches inner spaces, we fulfill a deeper role than basic deck contracting. An enclosed, screened-in deck can be further enhanced with weather-resistant curtains, doors, and other insulating features. The aim of our enclosed deck replacement and maintenance work is to create a highly inviting atmosphere while increasing usability. It also serves to reduce wear, keeping your new outdoor area more usable throughout the year.

Your Local Minneapolis Deck Contractors

Architectural Landscape Design brings the utmost eye for detail to businesses and homeowners seeking high-end deck and porch construction in the greater Minneapolis region. Don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions and to take advantage of our no-obligation cost estimates. We delight in meeting more of our community while hearing about their unique vision – it’s how we stay inspired and expand our already broad range of services as the region’s most committed decking contractors.

At every stage, we strive to best accommodate our client’s vision with our talents to help them achieve the property of their dreams. Simply fill out our contact form, and our experienced and knowledgeable deck contractors will be in touch shortly. The most exceptional and inspired deck and porch area is just a single consultation away.