Using a Professional Landscape Design Company | Twin Cities Metro

If you’re taking a trip and have a map you can often find short cuts. The same is true of landscaping your yard. A professional landscape design company can help you map out a great landscape that lasts and offers increased value over time.
 Take a mental “snapshot” of the landscape surrounding your house. The landscape is the combination of all the green elements and the hard elements or hardscapes. The green elements are the trees, bushes, flowers, and lawn areas. The hardscapes or hard elements are the walkways, patios, driveways, sidewalks, patios, boulder outcroppings, and borders.
 As they say, “What’s wrong with that picture?” What’s right? How will it look in 5 years? Next, take a critical look at those pictures. Are there a couple of small projects that would add to the existing landscape? What would you gain by starting with a clean slate? What trees and shrubs are healthy and well placed and which should go? Where and how would you start? How much could it cost?
 You can see both pictures and get answers to all your questions by working with the landscape designers and architects at Architecture Landscape Design serving the Twin Cities. Our educated and licensed staff is knowledgeable in design and installation of all green elements and hardscapes so all of your questions can be answered saving you time and meeting your budgets.
 We’ll present you with detailed “snapshots” of what your landscape looks like now, what it could be after incorporating your personal needs and taste, and what it could look like in the years to come.
 Our Minnesota landscape design company will save you time and get your landscaping growing because after a thorough analysis we’ll combine the hardscapes and green elements you prefer to create a personalized landscape that provides your family with the privacy, and pleasure you desire.
 The professional view our architects and garden designers bring to the process can ensure that the landscape design adds curb appeal so your house is worth more. Also, you’ll know what it’s going to cost before starting the project. So the end result is that you and others drive up to your home and see a beautiful landscape of colorful trees, bushes, flowers growing and, and hardscapes.
 Get your landscaping growing; give our team a call today at 952-292-7717.