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Landscape Water Features from Small to Large

Earth, fire and air are three of the four classical elements. They’re not complete without the addition of water. The Today Show reported that the key feature in a backyard sanctuary is water. You don’t have to live by the seaside to incorporate water features into your landscape. Water does more than add beauty to your yard. Here are some of the benefits of water features. Benefits of Water Features A water feature can increase the value of your property. In fact, people looking to buy a house will often make their decision before they even enter the home, according

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Low Maintenance Patio Materials

Located on the banks of the Mississippi River and just north of the Minnesota River, Minnesota experiences humid summer months and bleak winters. These temperature extremes have a real effect on the look, characteristics, and longevity of the wood materials used in your patio spaces. Depending on the manufacturing process, the wood used in your patio furniture will have traces of organic oils and moisture, imparting a unique look. The wood swells and shrinks with ambient temperatures. This swelling and shrinking affect the structure of the wood, making the wood lose its strength and sheen, eventually splintering. However, certain wood

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A Seasonal Guide to Caring for Decks & Patios

Installing decks and patios in your home is no big deal. Taking care of them is what will ensure their longevity. The nature and amount of care that you need to devote to your patio and deck will depend on the seasons. Here is a seasonal guide to help you maintain your deck and patio in pristine condition. Fall Patio and Deck Care Cleaning your patio and deck in fall is a good idea. It will get rid of unnecessary dust. If you haven’t safeguarded them in spring time, this is the perfect time to clean your patio and seal

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Material Options for Decks and Patios

You have so many choices in very sphere of life and you may end up spending your time choosing from such varied and beautiful choices. Since there are so many alternatives for everything and anything nowadays, why should architectural designs be far behind? Whether it is the paint that arrives in a multitude of colors or creating your personal area for relaxation – why should you always use materials that other people are using? This is particularly the case for decks and patios where you no longer have to stick to just wood to extend your indoor living space outdoor.

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The Many Benefits of Having a Pond

Having a pond on your property, whether it’s man-made or all-natural, is the dream of many homeowners. While they can be a lot of work, depending on how well they are designed, the long term benefits can far outweigh the amount of work that may be required. Choosing a qualified professional to design your pond can reduce this extra maintenance as well. Whether you are looking at purchasing a property that has a pond on it already, or considering adding one to your current yard, you may be wondering if the extra labor that is involved for maintenance is worth

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