Landscape Water Features from Small to Large

Earth, fire and air are three of the four classical elements. They’re not complete without the addition of water. The Today Show reported that the key feature in a backyard sanctuary is water. You don’t have to live by the seaside to incorporate water features into your landscape.

Water does more than add beauty to your yard. Here are some of the benefits of water features.

Benefits of Water Features

A water feature can increase the value of your property. In fact, people looking to buy a house will often make their decision before they even enter the home, according to Architectural Digest.

The sound of water can also drown out more annoying noises, like traffic and neighbors. It can be soothing. Listening to the white noise is a great way to relax after a busy day.

Pools and ponds can keep you outdoors longer. When you’re entertaining, you may sit around your patio table. However, when the meal is over, where do you go? A gathering space around a watery focal point can transform your backyard into a natural living room.

Different flora and fauna are attracted to water features. You may notice different birds twittering in your trees after installing a water feature. You also have a chance to experiment with more exotic plants. We’ve also included ideas for including them into your yard no matter what the scale or budget.

Water features are also surprisingly low maintenance. If you line them properly, you don’t have to deal with soil, mulch or weeds.

A Tiny Water Feature

One of the easiest ways to incorporate water into your outdoor living space is with a mini water garden. It’s low maintenance and works well in confined spaces.

Put moisture-loving succulents into a bowl of water. Create an arrangement with a variety of shapes and sizes in the corner of a patio or within a rock garden. Grab one to use as a centerpiece when you have guests.

If you want to create a more expansive low-maintenance water garden, use a larger container. Galvanized tubs work great for this. Create a quirky focal point by using a vintage bathtub to contain larger water plants.

You can use any water-tight container as a water feature. Using your imagination can result in a structure that doubles as a conversation piece.

A Small Fountain

Fountains range in size and cost. You can get a streamlined version for an end table or patio corner relatively affordably. Many of these can be brought indoors during cold weather. They’re easy to install, and they don’t require a lot of water.

Placing a small, bubbling fountain or birdbath in the center of a circular paved area can be magnetic. It can be the focal point of your garden design and lure people to its captivating charm.

Custom Stone Fountain

You can use large boulders to create an infinite number of fountain designs. One boulder can be carved to hold water, or multiple stones can be arranged.

Even when the fountain isn’t filled with water, the beauty of natural stone will make your backyard look like a sculpture garden. A fire and water table is another way to create a custom stone fountain.

Stand-Alone Pond

Is it a large fountain or a small pond? Build up from the ground to make a pool that can hold some plants and even fish. It’s more manageable than a large pool and can help you learn the basics of water gardening before delving into something on a grander scale.


Although a waterfall can be constructed to any scale, it looks dramatic when it’s cascading over boulders. You don’t have to hassle with plants, soil or fish when creating a stone waterfall.

Babbling Stream

A stream doesn’t have to be huge to make an impact. A small-scale river bed that’s just a foot wide can create a meandering sense of adventure in your yard. If it can be used as drainage, you add function to its aesthetic appeal.

A stream can transition into a waterfall or pond. This is a great way to manage a garden on a hill.

In-Ground Pond

A pond can look like part of the surrounding landscape or stand out in stark contrast. This water feature can be combined with any of the other features for a sprawling backyard with multiple points of interest.

Whatever you choose, learn how to weatherproof your outdoor water feature.

Water features can be naturalistic or a contemporary contrast to your garden. There are so many options that deciding where to start can be daunting. Working with an experienced designer can help you turn your dreams into reality.