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10 Easy to Care for Summer Plantings

It’s almost the warmest months of the year, and vibrant, fragrant Minnesota summer flowers will soon be everywhere. However, what do you do if you aren’t known for your gardening expertise? Not everyone is born with the innate knowledge to take care of a garden. Fortunately, there are low-maintenance plants for summer that require little maintenance. And don’t worry, they aren’t succulents! These annuals and perennials will have your Minnesota garden looking summer-ready before you know it. Low-Maintenance Plants to Add to Your Garden You can get started adding greenery and color with the following suggestions that are easy to

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Multi-Level Deck Designs for Large Properties

Large backyards leave a lot of room to play around with unique landscape designs and outdoor living elements like decks, pools, patios, and more. Multi-level deck designs make it easy to accommodate large amounts of friends and family, adding valuable square footage to your already large yard. Install an attractive multi-level deck design in your backyard to improve your property value and boost curb appeal immensely. Once you have a functional space for entertaining, your friends will never want to leave the multi-level deck on your large property. Installing a Multi-Level Deck Making your dream multi-level deck design into reality

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5 Great Game Day Additions for Your Deck

In the great state of Minnesota and around the rest of the country, football game days are no joke. Vikings followers, cheese heads, and other die-hard fanatics of local and national football teams turn a simple Sunday into a boisterous and bustling tradition. Crisp fall air and the crack of an ice-cold beer are enough to make anyone’s weekend worthwhile. Inviting buddies over for the big game is always fun and exciting, but with the right outdoor deck accessories, you can take your tailgate to the next level. Taking Advantage of Your Deck Outdoor spaces are an excellent place to

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10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Backyard Poolscape

Standing at the sink, staring off over a snow-covered Minnesota landscape, it’s challenging to conjure up the image of a sunny summer day. It’s even more difficult to picture yourself poolside when there are multiple inches of snow on the ground. However, when the snow and ice thaws and the beautiful midwest summer creeps in, you’ll be longing for the refreshing, relaxing elements of a backyard poolscape. Enhance Your Home With Beautiful Poolscaping When the hot, humid Minnesota summer makes its way around, you’ll be wishing you could dive straight into a beautiful, blue pool. Implementing a pool into your

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Brick Paver Installation and Maintenance Practices Experts Know

The charming brick paver streets of Midwestern and New England towns were installed more than a century ago. In Europe and other parts of the world, they date back thousands of years. The brick materials at the time could be wood or granite but for the most part, were clay pavers. These paving installations gave way to more economical asphalt and concrete paving. In fact, many brick-paved streets were simply paved over with asphalt. Those clay pavers may have crumbled from the elements and years of wear but nevertheless proved a suitable base for less durable materials. Modern brick paving

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5 Ways You Can Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Stand Out

One of the fastest-growing trends in contemporary backyard landscape design is outdoor kitchens. Backyard living spaces are wonderful places to gather with friends and family to share food, drinks, laughter, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. When you add an outdoor kitchen to your landscape, your property value is guaranteed to increase, while you quickly become the go-to spot for backyard barbeques. The great thing about outdoor kitchens is the versatility of design elements. You can easily customize specific features throughout the kitchen space to reflect your style. Granite countertops, reclaimed wood cabinetry, hand-laid stonework, and other features can significantly enhance

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