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Benefits of Transitioning to Low Voltage LED Lighting

With eco-friendly and environmentally friendly movements becoming more and more popular, it’s stressed by society to start thinking about transitioning your household to low voltage lighting, whether that’s for the entire property or a specific area. Many details of owning a property can be improved from increased savings to worry-free security should the designated owner choose to make the change. While some improvements will be noticed right away, others will take some time to show their actual impact on the transition. Energy Efficiency The use of LED lighting is projected to have the largest impact on energy savings in the

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10 Plants to Attract Hummingbirds in Your Garden

Having friendly critters visit your garden is always an exciting moment to catch in the warm months. They bring a little bit of joy to your day and make you appreciate nature that much more. A variety of hummingbirds can be found in various environments across the world. Their primary source of nutrition is nectar from flowers, but they also eat insects, tiny spiders, and tree sap. The most common species to be spotted in Minnesota is the Ruby-throated hummingbird. While other species have visited, the Ruby-throated hummingbird migrates to MN for the summer and can usually be spotted in

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How to Furnish Your Luxury Patio

A patio will boost the value of your home and quickly become an area where you enjoy relaxing. Most patios don’t require a lot of maintenance, and it’s a space you can personalize easily to create the atmosphere you want.  Creating a patio with a luxury feel to it is surprisingly easy. Here are a few ideas for luxury patio designs. The Minimalist Approach We recommend adopting a minimalist approach for outdoor patio designs because that style instantly creates the impression of luxury and provides you with plenty of space you can use. Your patio needs to be inviting and

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5 Ways to Incorporate a Fireplace Into Your Landscape Design

An outdoor fireplace is an exciting addition to your patio because it makes that space a lot more inviting. Having a source of warmth means you can spend more on your patio, and the fireplace will naturally become a point of focus, and guests will want to gather around it. Here are some fireplace landscape design ideas to consider if you want to upgrade your patio. Stones and Rocks Stones are a popular material for built-in fireplaces and freestanding designs. Beige or gray stones help create a rustic look and require little maintenance. If you want to have a stone

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Outdoor Living Spaces: Mapping The Cost of Priceless Lifestyle Experiences

If you are asking about the cost of an outdoor living space or room you will first want to do some discovery.  You can arrive at a meaningful cost by first asking the right questions.  How will outdoor living enhance your lifestyle for the better?  What problems will the right outdoor room solve?  How can a Minnesota homeowner make the most of outdoor living spaces? The honest answer is that outdoor rooms and living spaces are capable of giving you far more than you may have imagined. The possibilities are limitless. This realization is what makes planning and budgeting for

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How to Winter-Proof Your Patio

A winter-proof patio is an attractive option for those that want to make the most of their outdoor space during the winter months. There are several ways to accomplish making your outdoor space more comfortable when it’s cold, and many of them you can do yourself with the right tools and information. What You Need for A Comfortable Winter Patio Our list of winter patio ideas will help you to make the most of your space and stay comfortable in any temperature. A Roof or Cover For winter outdoor living, you are most likely going to way a roof or

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