Multi-Level Deck Designs for Large Properties

Large backyards leave a lot of room to play around with unique landscape designs and outdoor living elements like decks, pools, patios, and more. Multi-level deck designs make it easy to accommodate large amounts of friends and family, adding valuable square footage to your already large yard.

Install an attractive multi-level deck design in your backyard to improve your property value and boost curb appeal immensely. Once you have a functional space for entertaining, your friends will never want to leave the multi-level deck on your large property.

Installing a Multi-Level Deck

Making your dream multi-level deck design into reality might seem far-fetched, but it’s much more feasible than many homeowners believe. Although some handy homeowners like to DIY home improvement projects, building a deck can be difficult for one or two people alone.

If you find yourself asking google how to build a deck, it’s best to think about alternative options. Instead, trust a local decking contractor to design and implement a beautiful, functional multi-level deck design that fulfills all of your dream features. An experienced deck building company or landscape designer can determine the best layout for your deck and recommend durable materials that last.

Some of the most popular and durable decking materials include:

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Treated lumber
  • Aluminum
  • Wood-plastic composite

Wooden decks were once quite popular, but now contractors recommend against using wood in the construction of structures like decks, pergolas, or fences. Wood tends to rot, warp, or succumb to damage from nasty pests. Avoid these issues and choose a durable decking material for your multi-level deck design.

Deck Design Ideas for Large Backyards

Large expanses of lawn can seem stressful and time-consuming to many homeowners. Multi-level decks provide a low-maintenance option that looks beautiful and offers tons of functionality. Entertain friends, barbeque with family, or relax in the sunshine on your multi-level deck.

1. Rectangular Decks

Your most basic deck design is going to be a rectangular deck. You’re probably familiar with this deck style since it’s an affordable and popular option for homeowners in America. Rectangular decks are versatile, with a range of sizes, color options, and elements to add to your deck design.

Well-known decking brands like Trex offer ready-made rectangular deck sizes, so installation is straightforward and stress-free. Rectangular decks are an excellent choice who want a wide-open space to grill and entertain in the warmer months and a covered lower-level patio to relax and watch your outdoor television or get out of the shade as necessary.

2. Overlook Deck Designs

Overlook deck designs are another multi-level decking system that’s on the rise in popularity in recent years. This decking style is an excellent option for more extensive lawns with beautiful, eye-catching scenery like mountains or sprawling gardens.

Another advantage of overlook deck designs is that they allow you to create two separate functional living or seating spaces on the deck’s top level. One section of the deck juts out farther than the other sides to allow you and your entertained guests to enjoy a gorgeous view from the comfort of your multi-level overlook deck.

3. Curved and Circular Decks

Curved and circular decks are a unique variety of decking style that suits many large properties with already established landscape designs. Circular decks are great if you want to make a huge, historic tree in your backyard the patio’s focal point. Pass the tree’s trunk through each level of your deck design to create an original, jungle-like atmosphere.

If circular cut-outs aren’t what you need on your deck, then maybe a curved deck design suits you better. Beveled edge decks allow your chosen decking contractor to create a soft, sweeping style of deck design that is great for breaking up the monotony of hard, straight edges often found on modern homes.

4. Interesting Staircase Options

One deck design option where this is a lot of room for versatility in design and style is staircases and railings. Deck railings and staircases are available in a wide range of durable materials and unique styles to give your deck some personality. There’s always something to suit your deck design and existing home’s style.

Start by choosing a reliable material that will withstand the weather in your area, such as aluminum, steel, or PVC. Then, select from a variety of fun and practical staircase solutions for your multi-level deck design. Some favorite options among homeowners for outdoor stairs include:

  • Spiral staircases
  • Cascading treated wood staircases
  • Traditional tiered stair designs with landings

The landscape architect or deck designer you work with will have a vast understanding of the regulations required for safe deck stairs and be knowledgeable of local building codes, ensuring your new deck meets all necessary standards.

5. Add a Pergola for a Bit of Shade

Finally, a fantastic tip to take your multi-level deck design from a standard look to an eye-catching style is installing a pergola. Pergolas, covered pergolas, and awnings are an excellent addition to a multi-level deck’s top floor as they provide ample shade in case of intense UV rays.

Your friends, family, and other guests will be glad to have a break from the beating sunshine underneath a well-constructed pergola. The most popular pergola material option for composite decks is polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, for its durability, long lifespan, and low maintenance requirements.

Equip your new pergola with twinkling fairy lights or more effective low-voltage outdoor LED lighting systems to provide enough visibility for your guests to move around your deck and pergola safely when the sun finally goes down.

Build the Backyard of Your Dreams

If your large backyard is sitting empty, you’ve probably looked out across the property and dreamt of the different possibilities for a beautiful deck. Don’t just dream about it anymore; make it happen! Hire an experienced decking contractor to come to assess your property and craft a stunning design that suits your large property.
Landscape designers like Architectural Landscape Design in Minnesota make the design and installation of a stunning deck, landscape, and outdoor living area on your large property a snap. Contact ALD today to get started building the sprawling backyard of your dreams.