5 Ways You Can Make Your Outdoor Kitchen Stand Out

One of the fastest-growing trends in contemporary backyard landscape design is outdoor kitchens. Backyard living spaces are wonderful places to gather with friends and family to share food, drinks, laughter, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. When you add an outdoor kitchen to your landscape, your property value is guaranteed to increase, while you quickly become the go-to spot for backyard barbeques.

The great thing about outdoor kitchens is the versatility of design elements. You can easily customize specific features throughout the kitchen space to reflect your style. Granite countertops, reclaimed wood cabinetry, hand-laid stonework, and other features can significantly enhance your outdoor kitchen. No matter what your budget constraints are or what your budget constraints are, there is an outdoor kitchen element available to make your space stand out.

5 Eye Catching Outdoor Kitchen Features

There is nothing quite as inviting as the sounds and smells of a grill fired up in the summertime cooking some delicious dinners. Backyard living spaces are incredibly inviting, but there’s always another way to add that special personal touch.

Adding a few unique features to your outdoor kitchen can immediately impact the beauty of the space. Let’s take a look at five eye-catching outdoor kitchen features that can make your backyard area stand out from everyone else’s on the block.

1. Unique Flooring

The very groundwork of your outdoor kitchen is the floor. There is a wide variety of flooring options for outdoor spaces. Patio spaces are often referred to as hardscapes because they are landscapes crafted from “hard” components like stone, concrete, wood, and composite materials.

Poured concrete patios are durable and fit in well with modern aesthetics like stainless steel appliances and dark stone countertops.

Perhaps the most popular outdoor deck flooring option across the United States, real wood is incredibly versatile and can be found in various stains and finishes. The three most popular wood types for decks are:

  • Cedar
  • Redwood
  • Pressure-treated wood (which can be made from a variety of wood types)

While real wood decks are a beautiful feature, they are often targeted by pests and prone to weather or water damage.

At Architectural Landscape Design, we recommend Trex composite solutions for outdoor deck projects. Made of composite materials, Trex comes in 18 different colors and is virtually maintenance-free.

Install darker colored Trex materials to capture a rustic aura in your space. Lighter variants of the deck material can create a beautiful, beachy vibe. With so many color options available, it’s easy to find a product that fits your backyard kitchen style.

2. Pergolas and Awnings

Another fantastic feature to add to your outdoor dining space is a pergola or awning. These additions create pockets of shade so all of your guests can enjoy food and drinks without melting away in the summer heat. They are a perfect focal point for your outdoor space.

Pergolas can be wrapped with vines and twinkling fairy lights for a romantic feel during the evening hours. While these structures are often made of wood, the material can succumb to damage quite quickly once again. Pergolas are built by Architectural Landscape design using Trex materials, with six style options to choose from.

3. Stonework

Consider incorporating stonework into the cabinet facade or backsplash of the countertop to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level. Stonework projects are an easy DIY if you’re handy, or you can consult a professional to complete the grunt work.

Stones can be a great way to tie your entire backyard space together, especially if you have stonework features elsewhere on the property. Rough stones are an appealing feature for any aesthetic. Exposed brick is also a beautiful stylistic choice that has become popular in recent years and looks great in a backyard kitchen setting.

Stonework also makes an attractive, low-maintenance outdoor flooring option. Bluestone, brownstone, granite, and even pebbles or gravel create versatility in the natural landscape.

4. Cabinets

Another feature that helps to reflect your style while impressing your guests is custom cabinetry. Cabinets are available in tons of colors, styles, and finishes, so you’ll surely find one to fit your flair.

One of the biggest trends in recent years is reclaimed or upcycled wood. This option looks beautiful in any setting, but particularly when installed pool or lake-side because it is so reminiscent of natural elements.

If you’re concerned about durability and the effects of weathering, consider cabinet materials like stainless steel or marine-grade polymer for your outdoor kitchen. Stainless steel is another popular choice because it easily matches other outdoor kitchen appliances.

Not only do cabinets make your outdoor kitchen stand out, but they provide practical storage space for anything from cups and cutlery to pool chemicals and grilling tools.

5. Countertops

Finally, perhaps the most essential feature of all is countertops. Your outdoor kitchen space can be entirely transformed by the perfect slab of granite or a stunning poured concrete counter.

Consider incorporating a kitchen island with matching countertops into the outdoor kitchen area. Kitchen islands not only look stunning but add ample countertop space for entertaining in the warmer months.

Countertops come in such a vast array of colors, patterns, textures, and finishes that it is challenging to decide what aligns best with your style. Consider consulting with a professional landscape designer or interior designer to assist in making a choice that best suits your needs. At the very least, peruse sites like Pinterest for inspiration before embarking on your outdoor kitchen design.


Whether you have a tiny patio or a sprawling backyard, there are a few main elements that can make your outdoor kitchen an eye-catching architectural landscape feature. Choose floors, cabinets, and countertops to reflect your personality and style, and add a pergola or awning to create a more inviting atmosphere.

Whatever features you decide to implement into your outdoor kitchen, contact a professional to ensure that the project gets done right so you can enjoy your backyard living space for years to come.