10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Backyard Poolscape

Standing at the sink, staring off over a snow-covered Minnesota landscape, it’s challenging to conjure up the image of a sunny summer day. It’s even more difficult to picture yourself poolside when there are multiple inches of snow on the ground. However, when the snow and ice thaws and the beautiful midwest summer creeps in, you’ll be longing for the refreshing, relaxing elements of a backyard poolscape.

Enhance Your Home With Beautiful Poolscaping

When the hot, humid Minnesota summer makes its way around, you’ll be wishing you could dive straight into a beautiful, blue pool. Implementing a pool into your backyard landscape offers numerous benefits. Not only will you quickly become the hangout hotspot for all your friends and family, but you’ll significantly increase your property’s value.

These days, there are many ways to make your backyard into the poolscape of your dreams. Implementing these additional elements creates an alluring atmosphere on your pool deck:

  • Water features
  • Natural landscaping
  • Stonework
  • Flowers, trees, and gardens
  • Luxury outdoor furniture
  • Unique tiles
  • Outdoor kitchens and living areas

Any of these elements easily upgrades your existing poolside landscape, or “poolscape.” Pools are a fantastic place for the entire family to enjoy for both fun and relaxation.

10 Inspiring Ideas for Your Backyard Poolside Oasis

Today, there are tons of unique poolscaping designs to satisfy any style. You can easily enhance your backyard oasis using appealing landscaping, water features, fire, luxury furniture, and more. Let’s take a look at ten inspiring ideas for your backyard poolscape:

1. Lovely Landscaping

Creating the perfect poolscape involves more than just putting down a patio and installing your pool. A great poolscape blends both hardscapes and softscapes to create a balance between the landscape’s elements. Utilize unique garden plantings, like tropical trees and eye-catching flower blooms, to build a beautiful backyard oasis. Intersperse plantings throughout the hardscape for a lovely landscape.

2. Wonderful Waterfalls

Another excellent way to enhance your backyard oasis is by adding picturesque waterfalls and other water features. The serene sound of trickling water hitting the pool creates an undeniable atmosphere of relaxation. Waterfall facades are easily customizable, and you can even control the force of the flow. Waterfalls always add an air of sophistication to any poolscape.

3. Spa Escape

Easily turn your backyard into a five-star resort and retreat by incorporating spa features. For ultimate relaxation, add elements like a sauna or hot tub to your poolscape. You’ll never have to pay for a professional spa treatment again since comfortable, oversized outdoor loungers are the perfect place for a poolside massage.

4. Las Vegas Luxury

If you’ve ever experienced the extravagance of outdoor pools in Las Vegas, Nevada, you know just how lavish they are. Luckily, using custom outdoor furniture, you can achieve the same opulent aesthetic. Large cabanas and luxurious loungers laid across the pool deck allow ample seating area for guests to relax or mingle. The only thing missing will be the on-call waiter to bring over a bucket of beers, although you could always install an outdoor kitchen to house cold beverages nearby.

5. Rainforest Retreat

To give your poolscape that tropical vibe, add eye-catching, exotic-looking plant species. You can use in-ground garden areas or raised beds and potters to put picturesque plantings throughout your poolscape. Reveal your backyard rainforest retreat by incorporating exciting foliage.

6. Moroccan Mosaics

To create the ultimate backyard getaway, many make a move to Moroccan mosaic tile throughout their poolscape. Typically featuring colorful, geometric, or floral patterns, this unique tile style can take your luxury poolscape to the next level. After installing these tiles, you’ll easily be transported to Morocco’s beautiful, blue beaches and sprawling hillsides while staying right in your backyard.

7. Stunning Stonework

Another fantastic design idea to add appeal to your backyard poolscape is stonework. Beautiful, durable stones, rocks, and boulders help provide a perfectly natural feel around your pool deck. Stone and rock work can be utilized in a variety of ways, like:

  • As accents
  • As features
  • As functional spaces/furniture
  • As design solutions

8. Blooming Backyard

No backyard is entirely complete until it has some beautiful, blooming flowers popping up throughout the space. Find flowers that will flourish in your backyard by learning about your local plant hardiness zone. Work with a professional landscape designer to discover the best species to plant by your poolside.

9. Nature Inspired

Natural landscaping inspired by elements of nature is quickly becoming one of the most popular styles in luxury areas like Los Angeles. Infinity pools, or pools where the top water line is level with the edge, are used to mimic natural water features. Incorporating trees, plants, rocks, and other natural elements brings everything together to create an ideal outdoor environment.

10. Private Paradise

Poolscapes are meant to evoke the utmost levels of relaxation, but finding a moment of zen is difficult with nosy neighbors watching your every move on the pool deck. Create the perfect private poolside paradise by incorporating tall, ornamental fences or “living fences” like barrier bushes, bamboo, or trees. Then, you can enjoy your oasis in any way you want, away from the eyes of anyone next door.

Beginning To Build Your Beautiful Backyard Oasis

Building the perfect backyard poolside oasis is a challenging undertaking. Between construction and landscape design, many difficult decisions are made before the project is complete. Regardless of your pool’s size or location, there is a vast array of exciting elements to add to your poolscape.

With the right design elements, your backyard can become a space for solitude and serenity in the summer sunshine. Adding interesting features like waterfalls, custom furniture, and striking stonework creates the ultimate atmosphere of relaxation right in your backyard.

Many people are naturally blessed with an eye for design. However, it’s difficult to DIY the poolside elements that can elevate your space. Contact a landscaping professional to share your vision and devise a perfect design to fit all your needs and desires. After adding all the fanciful features to your poolscape, it’ll be ready for your friends and family to enjoy and relax next to all summer long.