Category: Minnesota Landscaping Plants

How Does Sun Exposure Change in Your Yard?

When developing your landscape plan, keep in mind where the sun and the wind are at during the various seasons of the year – that will affect what works best where. Let the experienced Minnesota landscape design professionals at ALD help you develop the right plan for your yard.

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Planning a Small Garden Design with Principles

The same design principles apply to all gardens, whether large or small:   Unity, Simplicity, Variety, Accent, and Balance. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Planning a garden is one of the most creative home projects we each can undertake. Your landscape should reflect your dreams, your likes and dislikes, as well as your notion of what your yard or garden should be. Our talented professional MN landscape designers can help you design your space with the ideas you have in mind. We can help you search through the numerous stone, brick, and natural stone selections available in the Twin Cities area to

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Planting as Accents

Accents what are they? We know in decorating they are the final touches sometimes or the one wall painted a different color that captures our attention. It’s the same way in the outside world! Plantings as accents do one thing really well, they grab the attention. They direct traffic and can very subtly direct our thoughts about what we’re seeing there. A plant becomes an accent when it offers something unique. It’s color, form, texture, and size makes it stand out. If you use the same plant over and over something interesting happens. It ceases to have the same impact

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