Have a Need For Outdoor Privacy? Landscaping With Shrubs Works Well!

What are your needs for privacy in your Minneapolis area yard? Are you looking for a barrier that is solid, or do you just need a lighter screen to provide a sense of privacy? When privacy is of concern, one of the most versatile groups of plants a gardener has to work with is shrubs and bushes. Shrubs come in all sizes. They range from low-growing ground covers all the way up to fifteen-foot-high sprawling brushes. (Bushes taller than fifteen feet typically start to be referred to as trees.)

The landscape designers and architects at Architectural Landscape Design MN can suggest the shrubs you need to get the right screening level. Shrubs can be used to soften masonry walls. Medium-height shrubs can screen pools. Low shrubs in front of trees give privacy from the ground up. Planting low shrubs can also cover foundations. They can be used as a privacy screen hedge. Your choice of shrubs will depend on your desire – whether you want privacy all year or just during the  warmer seasons. For example, a planting of lilacs would be fine to use around a patio if it isn’t to be used during the cold, wet winter months. But it would provide coverage during spring through fall. Our licensed and educated designers can also look at creating hedges that offer a denser form of privacy.

Trees can act as focal points in the garden, providing screens to block your view of distant visual blights. However, shrubs are great because they work on a more human scale relating to the height and bulk of trees to the garden. Plantings of smaller-scale shrubs can eliminate the starkness of solid walls and fences. Shrubs also provide a wide and varied palette. They offer a variety of leaf textures, growth habits, and shapes. Plus, they bring leaf colors in the growing season as well as the fall.

Our Minneapolis landscape design company can help you develop your privacy plan with the use of shrubs and bushes. Call 952-292-7712 for a free one-hour, no-commitment consultation.