Planning a Small Garden Design with Principles

The same design principles apply to all gardens, whether large or small:   Unity, Simplicity, Variety, Accent, and Balance. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Planning a garden is one of the most creative home projects we each can undertake. Your landscape should reflect your dreams, your likes and dislikes, as well as your notion of what your yard or garden should be. Our talented professional MN landscape designers can help you design your space with the ideas you have in mind. We can help you search through the numerous stone, brick, and natural stone selections available in the Twin Cities area to complement and define that space.

Unity is that quality that joins all the parts of the garden into a pleasing whole. When a garden is unified it makes you and your guests feel comfortable and gives the feel of more space. Choosing a style or theme connects the elements of a garden. Repeating garden elements such as stone paths or stone retaining walls, or repeating the same plants in different places are examples.

Simplicity in the garden means eliminating unnecessary details. If it doesn’t make a major contribution, don’t include it. A rule of thumb is the smaller the garden the simpler it should be.

Variety means adding enough different items without mixing too many styles or making the space seem to cluttered. Significant elements like a patio which combines brick and stone materials in an unusual design can deliver that added punch.

Accent is at least having focal point or accent such as a gazebo, a piece of statuary, or an especially handsome specimen tree such as a flowering crab apple.

Balance in a small garden is achieved by distributing the total visual weight around that major accent.

We’ll design  and build the right structures, pathways, patio decks, fences to make your small garden design balanced  and all yours.  Call us at Architectural Landscape Design, serving Minneapolis and St. Paul on (952) 292-7717.