Solve the Landscaping Puzzles: Rise Above the Ordinary with Raised Planting Beds

Landscape design often involves finding just the right solution for troubling areas.  A creative architectural landscape designer can help you address problems such as:

     Design puzzle: Your front yard is on an incline.

     Neighbor puzzle: You share a driveway, but you want to delineate the space.

     Traffic puzzle: You want garden planting but also want patio seating in a too-small space.

     Growing puzzle: You want to plant vegetables, but you also want flowers in the same space.

The solution to all these design puzzles?  Building raised beds.  Raised beds are not just dirt-filled wooden squares or rectangles that look like you’ve just put down old railroad ties. Today, raised beds are a landscape design element that offers  solutions to many of the puzzles homeowners deal with in planning their landscape and garden designs.  Our landscape designers can plan and build custom raised beds out of wood, stone, brick, and other natural stones, making them a beautiful design element in your landscape.

A raised bed can solve the problem of the slight incline in the front yard by providing a transition that is graceful from one level to another. Putting a series of raised planting beds down the middle of a shared driveway space can create an exciting and beautiful visual display of vegetables and flowers. It can also meet building code requirements while at the same time positioning your plantings to get the right amount of air and sun.  Vegetable gardeners know that raised beds often produce early bumper crops as they allow for a longer growing season due to the soil staying warmer longer.

You can also expand your raised bed configuration to have a patio, a deck, and garden space – no need to choose just one element. You can build your raised bed with a space for flowers and vegetables and create seating at the transition between one raised bed to another. This is great for entertaining and provides a comfortable place for the gardener in the house to rest from weeding.

Do you have a puzzling landscape problem?  We can plan and build custom raised beds that just might solve it.  Call Architectural Landscape Design – serving Mpls and St. Paul.  952-292-7717.