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Cooking Outdoors: Outdoor Summer Kitchens Delight All!

Everybody loves food cooked outdoors, it tastes better! You can make a space in your backyard for cooking that’s efficient and makes cooking and entertaining outside a real pleasure! It’s like buying a house; it’s location, location, and location. When planning an outdoor kitchen you get to pick the perfect location for you. Locating grills and workstations out of the traffic patterns and access routes to your house makes a big difference. You also get a chance to determine where you want the smoke to go, instead of into having to shut the windows to your house when grilling! An

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Borrow Scenery Beyond Your Boundaries: Plan Now To Make Small Yards Appear Larger

A small space doesn’t need to have the feeling of being confined even though obvious boundaries can make a space appear restricted. We can help by building fences, retaining stone walls, and plantings with imagination that do both the job of defining your space or yard and expand it. You can obscure boundaries and give a larger feel by several methods. Simple masses of green in your landscape plan can easily blur the distinction between your garden and the neighboring properties when your carefully crafted plan includes the right trees, shrubs, or vines. If you have boundaries that are really

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ALD Featured Exhibitor at Minneapolis Home and Garden Show February 29-March 4, 2012

Stop by Booth #750 and talk to us about your bringing your landscaping dreams to life! ALD is a featured exhibitor at the biggest show, the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show. Come to the show to find out what’s new in home, garden, landscaping, remodeling and much more! Every project we do is unique since it starts with a review with our customer of their project ideas, needs and desires. Each customer gets want they want as they work with our talented licensed design staff. Our desire is to have your home and surroundings express your unique taste and personality.

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Start Your Landscaping Project at the Home Improvement & Design Expo Shakopee Saturday, March 17th 10 am-5 pm

This year plan to attend the Home and Design Expo scheduled March 17th in Shakopee at Canterbury Park. It’s the smartest place to start any home improvement project. It’s also a great time to start planning your landscaping projects. Come and share your landscaping dreams and desires with the ALD landscape design team at our display booth. Our MN landscape company only does unique projects. That’s because all of our projects and work begins with a review with you. Our customer’s project ideas, needs and desires ensure that each customer gets want they desire when they work with our talented licensed

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Do You Have Problems With Your Soil? | Architectural Landscape Design MN

Great soil makes great gardens and lawns. Rich soil that has good drainage and consistent moisture results in healthy lawns and plants. Gardens or lawns that quickly dry out most likely have soil problems. Even the healthiest plants and sod won’t flourish without good soil. All plants depend on it  for their water, nutrients, and oxygen. Soil is composed of 50% solids; sand, silt, clay, and organic matter, and 25% water, and 25% air.   A quick test to determine how good your soil it to take a handful of it, compress it into a ball in your hand, and

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