Benefits of Transitioning to Low Voltage LED Lighting

With eco-friendly and environmentally friendly movements becoming more and more popular, it’s stressed by society to start thinking about transitioning your household to low voltage lighting, whether that’s for the entire property or a specific area. Many details of owning a property can be improved from increased savings to worry-free security should the designated owner choose to make the change. While some improvements will be noticed right away, others will take some time to show their actual impact on the transition.

Energy Efficiency

The use of LED lighting is projected to have the largest impact on energy savings in the United States. Low voltage lights are highly energy efficient when compared to incandescent bulbs. Outdoor LED lights emit a light output of higher quality by using only 20 percent of the power that a regular bulb does. These lights have been proven to be up to 80 percent more efficient than traditional lighting as the light to heat ratio is substantially different between the two. The United States Department of Energy states, “by 2027, the widespread use of LEDs could save about 348 TWh of electricity; equivalent to the annual electrical output of 44 large electric power plants resulting in savings of more than $30 billion.”


It has been proven that low voltage lighting consumes less energy than the regular bulb which increases overall cost savings. According to the United States Department of Energy, “replacing your home’s five most frequently used light fixtures or bulbs with models that have earned the ENERGY STAR, you can save $75 each year.” Manufacturers have also made low voltage lighting options affordable and easy to manage maintenance wise. Likely, there won’t be many maintenance issues with this style of lighting, but if there is any, it’s extremely low in cost. Due to the affordability and low maintenance costs, this is a wonderful option to transition to as you’ll end up saving money in the end.

Light Quality

Choosing low voltage lighting gives your property a new appearance as the bulbs used have a higher color quality creating a “crisp” presentation when compared to other lighting systems. If there’s a specific desired appearance, there are many different colors and lenses to choose from that give off a range of warm and cold tones. Additionally, the fixtures used for low voltage lighting are smaller in size, making it easy to blend with your landscaping and not distract from the curb appeal.

Longer Life Span

Low voltage LED lighting can last over 50 times longer than your standard incandescent and halogen bulbs. This is appealing to most property owners because they don’t have to worry about scheduling regular maintenance and saves in cost due to not having to replace bulbs as often. Your household will have improved sustainability and better lighting after choosing to make the transition to low voltage LED lighting.

Increased Safety for Household

A safe installation process is always a significant factor to consider, and low voltage lights are, in fact, safer to install and use when compared to other types of bulbs. These lighting systems utilize 12 volts of electricity through a power transformer attached to a standard 110 volts outlet meaning they can be installed successfully without having to turn off your main power supply. There is also a minimal chance of electrocution when exposed to rain or snow due to their lower voltage.


Due to the small structure of low voltage bulbs, homeowners will have the ability to install lighting in spaces where incandescent or halogen bulbs wouldn’t properly fit in size or aesthetic. You can also choose from a variety of colors, illumination styles, and brightness levels to match the appearance you want to capture on either the exterior or interior of your property. While it’s encouraged for homeowners to utilize low voltage lighting throughout their entire property, they are a perfect match for exterior lighting as they can be installed discreetly.

Worry-Free Security

Burglars and individuals that wish to deface your property are easily frightened to enter a well-lit property as they believe the residence is inhabited at that time. Low voltage lights provide the opportunity to light the perimeter of your house for long durations of time without increasing your electricity bill. Ultimately, they act as a low-cost security system without the extra bells and whistles.

Environmentally Aware

With rising global interest in eco-friendly and environmentally friendly options for properties, low voltage lighting is the perfect option as they conserve energy, are free of toxic elements, and demand for proper recycling is nonexistent. The lack of energy use places less reliability on area energy grids, meaning our use of natural resources is decreased as well.

Easy Installation

As previously mentioned, low voltage LED lights are easy to install as homeowners don’t have to worry about severe risk or injury from electricity currents. Since you can complete the installation process by yourself, there is no need to hire a professional electrician, meaning we’ve identified yet another area where money can be saved. Upon purchase of low voltage bulbs, you will also get installation tips and best practices to guide you through the process. There are also a lot of resources online you can utilize since this lighting system is growing in popularity exponentially.

Start Making Changes

Recent world events and changes have influenced the world to begin giving more focus to the ecosystem and environmental changes that can be made to improve properties and individual wellbeing. The transition from incandescent or halogen bulbs to low voltage LED lighting can drastically change a properties’ effects on the world’s natural resources as well as how the property runs for the owner as well.

Improvements in energy use, life span, and environmental awareness have been identified as well as overall cost savings, light quality, versatility, increased safety for the property and installation, and worry-free security for property members. If you’re ready to start transitioning your property to an eco-friendlier option, begin by contacting a professional that can help bring your vision to life.