Creating Winter Interest in Your Landscape

When it comes to planning winter landscapes the focus is to create winter interest outside. A good start is to locate the places in your yard that are mostly sunny and sheltered from the wind. Next take an inventory of your current plants and trees. What do they look like in the winter? Are they doing well in their current locations?

Take a shortcut here and involve Architectural Landscape Design. Our professional design team will create a winter landscape plan with your input that maximizes all four seasons. We can protect your investments and promote the health of your landscape by recommending trees that are hardy in this climate, aren’t crushed by wet snow, and can survive winter wildlife.

We can help promote winter interest throughout your landscape by clustering plantings of evergreens, red twig dogwoods, and rhododendrons to name a few. Also, we may add plants that have decorative red fruit that holds throughout the winter like crabapples. Some perennials that you may want to leave up for winter interest in the garden are grasses, astilbe, blazing stars, coneflowers, liatris, russian sage, and hydrangeas. Our design process starts with what your personal needs and tastes and incorporates your total property in the design.

If one of the things you identified was that you wanted a gazebo we’ll incorporate that with the full master plan for your property. In addition, our winter landscape design will include a focus on plant textures and their interesting forms and foliage. We can also integrate into your landscape plan our custom designed for your home Holiday Lighting. We design, install, disassemble and store your custom designed holiday lighting.  In addition, we offer a Winter Seasonal  Container Garden. Let us help you tie up your winter landscaping plans today. Minnesota’s Architectural Landscape Design offers professional landscape designs in Lakeville, MN and all of the areas surrounding the metro. Call 952-292-7717 to set up a meeting at your location.