Cooking Outdoors: Outdoor Summer Kitchens Delight All!

Everybody loves food cooked outdoors, it tastes better! You can make a space in your backyard for cooking that’s efficient and makes cooking and entertaining outside a real pleasure!

It’s like buying a house; it’s location, location, and location. When planning an outdoor kitchen you get to pick the perfect location for you. Locating grills and workstations out of the traffic patterns and access routes to your house makes a big difference. You also get a chance to determine where you want the smoke to go, instead of into having to shut the windows to your house when grilling!

An outdoor kitchen can be as big and expansive as you want it or it can be right-sized for you. You can build a summer kitchen with outdoor cook tops, ovens, refrigerators, ice machines, bread baking ovens, fireplaces, fire pits, outdoor lighting,  etc. There are endless options. Our landscape designers and architects delight in helping people plan their vision of an outdoor kitchen.

We can build patios, decks, gazebos, arbors, and pergolas to accompany your kitchen. The best outdoor kitchens have plenty of weatherproof storage as well as enough counter space to prepare and serve meals. Arranging your outside kitchen is a lot like arranging one indoors. If your family and friends like to cook together you may need some extra countertops to accommodate everyone cooking together outdoors. In addition, to weatherproof storage, we can help you look at the different options for weather resistant countertops like marble, concrete, metal or tile. We’ll also plan if you want it to build your countertop big enough to have a 15-inch plus overhang so you can use it for a buffet or a bar also. Working to insure there is the necessary gas and electric lines and that all zoning requirements are met is another benefit.

Your outdoor kitchen will become a favorite outside dining room, let our Minneapolis, St. Paul landscape design team help you call 952-292-7717 today