Designing the Perfect Garden

Many people go out to the local garden center every spring, purchase a lot of expensive plants, go home, and invest the labor to arrange their garden the way they think they want it, but somehow in the end, they are not happy with it. Somehow, someway, something was lost in translation. It looked great at garden center had it, so why doesn’t yours? Well there are many element that go into good design and one is a factor called ‘shape’. There is geometry to landscape design that professionals are taught, and it has everything to do with the rest

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Beautify Your Minnesota Yard with Knock Out Roses

Knock Out Roses are truly a plant that lives up to its name; they are a knock out for several reasons. First off, they grow almost anywhere, all season long. Landscaping with Roses in Minnesota is always a treat, but when you can get them to bloom most of the season, with little to no maintenance, they are even better. The Knock Out Rose comes in a variety of vibrant colors, blooms continuously, and requires no spraying. It can almost be considered a weed in some parts of the country, and cutting their blooms will only encourage it to grow

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