Garden Houses For Your Landscape

Going way back many centuries in English times garden houses were once referred to as “shadow houses”. They stand by themselves, often across the garden far from the house; they add that extra sense of a romantic setting, because they are separate from the house. Arbors, bowers, poolside shelters, teahouses, pavilions gazebos are all “house like” shelters. They have decorated gardens for centuries. And the enthusiasm for them has never waned or decreased.

Today, there can be a surprise when you enter one of these places. They are often times hiding the spa, the shower facilities, the pool pump, and many more. Others are full-scale comfort, including sofas, dining tables and chairs, and lounges. They can be enclosed of not.

You can really choose whatever you want for style. There is an impressive and somewhat daunting list of choices. You can go for the Victorian gazebo, the English wood shingled cottage, or something as subtle as a Japanese teahouse with sliding doors. You can build a “house” that matches the style of your house, or invites the feel of something totally mysterious to your yard.

We have experience creating and building whatever garden house you might like for your property. We will take your ideas and incorporate them. Maybe you want a summer screen house with a potting shed on the back, we’ll plan with you based on your needs. Whatever it turns out to be it will most likely be a focal point for your yard. Not only offering the privacy and shelter you seek but a lovely “garden house” away from the big house that invites you to breakaway from the day with family or simply by yourself. We can add outdoor lighting that leads the way to the “garden house” along a stone walkway or path. Or we can focus lights on it for an interesting object to see from the house at night.

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