Transform Any Minneapolis Neighborhood Into A Colorful Wonderland With Outdoor Holiday Light Installations

Since roughly the mid-1960’s and the advent of tract housing across the United States, outdoor holiday lighting adorning homes has become not only big business, but an equally important tradition now celebrated in residential neighborhoods all over the world.
During the early stages of the custom, weatherproof strings of multi-colored lights were strung primarily along the eaves of houses. In the years to follow though, families got increasingly more creative and bold with their Christmas-themed displays, adding twinkling signs, hollow plastic figurines lit from inside (Santa, snowmen, etc.), and lots of other types of inventive ways to usher in the season of good cheer.
These days, whole swaths of neighborhoods linked together via connecting  highways across entire states have taken the idea of outdoor residential holiday lighting to completely new and far-reaching heights. As an inspiring example, look no further than the annual Holiday Trail of Lights held in northeast Louisiana and parts of eastern Texas.
Stretching across six cities and composed of almost 100 million individual lights, the legendary showcase isn’t just about electrical luminosity: Firework shows, live entertainment, Christmas musicals, parades, ice-skating, horse-drawn carriages, and festivals galore help link the communities together in what has to be the largest Christmas Party on the planet.
True to their historical image, the folks who help put on the Holiday Trail Of Lights tout it as a perfect example of ‘good ‘ol southern hospitality,’ but that certainly doesn’t mean that other neighborhoods can’t get in on the holiday action as well and fire up a festival all their own.
Minneapolis has long been known for its impressive outdoor holiday lighting displays too, so if you think your block could use a little more holiday merriment, lean on the team of professionals who make installing outdoor holiday lights not only their business, but their pleasure: Architectural Landscape Design. They’ll install, maintain, and take down all the lights without you having to do a thing . . . except bask in the glow. Call today: 952-292-7717.