From St. Paul To Seattle: A Brief History Of Outdoor Holiday Light Displays

The Christmas holiday is replete with an array of rich decorative traditions that go back centuries. From as far back as pre-Christian times, Roman citizens brought branches from evergreen plants indoors during the winter. Nativity scenes became popular in 1223 thanks to St. Francis of Assisi, and by the early 18th century, the now-famous custom of decorating a tree had taken root in Europe.
These days however, outdoor holiday lights adorning homes all over the world are some of the most recognizable, wide spread, and visually stunning methods of ringing in the Christmas season.
While the first accepted account of a Christmas tree being lit with electrical lights goes back to NYC circa 1882, it wasn’t until roughly four decades later that the public had a chance to fiddle with the colorful twinkling lights themselves. There were some small outdoor lighting sets offered for sale as ‘safe to use’ for outside decorations before 1927 when they became much more mainstream, but unfortunately these early batches were small, dangerous, and extremely impractical for the average family.
Once the craze had officially taken off, novelty companies, and ultimately, General Electric began manufacturing electric outdoor lighting kits that were affordable for practically everyone. By the time the 1930’s rolled around, more American were using them than ever before, and the rest is, pardon the cliché: history.
Part of the reason why decorating for the holidays can feel like such a chore is that it takes quite a hefty effort to hang all those lights. Well there’s no need to exhaust yourself with the outdoor holiday decorating when there’s plenty more things that need your attention, so why not hand the chore over to those who do it professionally: Minneapolis and St. Paul’s own Outdoor Lighting Design Team. We’ll install, maintain, and remove all the decorations themselves, leaving you and yours to enjoy the holiday season the way it was meant to be experienced: joyfully and at peace. Call today: 952-292-7717.