Rubber Patio Pavers: Pros and Cons

If you’re having  new patio installed, you’ve got lots of options in materials to use. 

Rubber patio pavers are a somewhat new addition to the market, and the majority are made from recycled content. These are extremely durable and wear and tear resistant. They are in competition with brick and concrete pavers, which have benefits of their own. However, rubber patio pavers are easiest to replace and install compared to other pavers. Brick and concrete pavers may be more aesthetically pleasing and do not fade as quickly when in direct sunlight as rubber patio pavers, but these are an affordable, eco-friendly, and durable choice when building a patio compared to other patio pavers available.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rubber Patio Pavers

Safety is perhaps the biggest advantage of rubber patio pavers. Compared to stone pavers, their shock absorbency is much higher, making these an ideal choice to use for patios that elderly people and small children will be making use of. When compared to other materials that are more likely to cause slippage when conditions are wet, rubber patio pavers are slip-resistant. These patio pavers are a great choice for patios that are being built in areas with high traffic.

Since the majority of rubber patio paver material is recycled rubber, out of all paver materials, these are the most eco-friendly. What is used to make rubber patio pavers is old car tires, which are extremely durable and were designed to withstand the toughest of roads. Although rubber patio pavers may not be the same color as car tires, they still may not be a choice that is aesthetically pleasing at all times. If there is a certain look you want to achieve with  your patio, rubber pavers just may not be the ideal choice.

An awesome advantage rubber pavers have over concrete and brick pavers is chances of chipping or cracking over a period of time due to inclement weather or use is far less. Concrete and brick pavers most likely will need replacing after a much shorter period of use than rubber pavers. These pavers work the same as the others as far as shifting and might need to be reset after pulling up. However, out of all paver materials, rubber patio pavers are the most trouble-free for pulling up for necessary repairs.  They’re also lighter than most other options and easy to remove and reposition.

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