Dividing Outdoor Living Rooms: 3 Patios & 3 Different Patio Pavers

Are you trying to separate one garden space from another? If you are trying to maintain distinctly different spaces in your yard you can.  You can define areas by simply changing the kinds of paving stones and patterns throughout those spaces.
Dividing space in the garden can be done subtly with altering by using different types of natural stone and brick pavers. Creating three different garden rooms by using granite, bluestone, and brick patio pavers in different mixtures can be accomplished.  In one garden the intent was to create three distinct outdoor living rooms. But because of the limited amount of space the change from one space to the next had to be subtle. A pairing of granite and brick, granite and bluestone, and than bluestone and brick in different sizes created three spaces that were livable and useable. The largest area is for family gatherings and dining, the smallest area in between hosts a water garden so it’s quiet and great for meditation. Off of that area is another garden. Repetition of the same stone through the two areas helped unite the areas while introducing another stone and dropping the granite from the third added variety. So varying horizontal surfaces can delineate space.
In gardens you can also achieve the same effect by repeating a line. The lawn, a water pond’s edge, and a perennial flowerbed can all mimic the shape of the patio. So they are all united by form. One garden has three circular bricked areas, one contains the herb bed, and the next brick circle contains the sundial. They all line up at a diagonal in the garden.
Combining the curving lines of the spaces gives the garden motion, and the varying pavements of natural stone create three separate patios or transitional areas that combine but separate the space. Plantings that compliment the harder elements like the stone patios can soften and create lush separate areas. Our landscape designers and architects can work with you to create a multitude of options for your yard. Our MN landscape design firm can be reached at 952-292-7717.