Landscaping Around Decks

landscaping around decks

Did you recently install a new deck in your backyard? Are you looking for deck landscaping ideas? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we will detail several top deck landscaping ideas and give you plenty of inspiration for landscaping around your new deck. 

Do you want to gather more pool deck landscaping ideas or under-deck landscaping designs? We’ve got you covered! We also explain how to best perform landscaping around a raised deck. We will also answer several frequently asked questions about deck landscaping. 

Ready to find out more? Let’s get started!

The Best Deck Landscaping Ideas

If you want to provide more shade for your low deck, add some tall shrubs and trees to your landscaping around deck plans. That will make your space a better place to hang out since no one wants the sun directly in their eyes. Tall shrubbery can also provide more privacy for your backyard.

For instance, Cryptomeria is a fast-growing tree you can plant to block out the sun. Other deck landscaping ideas include adding year-round plants and shrubbery instead of seasonal plants and adding rocks into the landscape design. 

You don’t want to add too many annual flowers as part of your landscaping around deck since these will die off. Instead, choose evergreen picks to have year-round plants. A few well-shaped rocks and boulders will also make your deck and yard look more attractive. 

Inspiration for Landscaping Around Your Deck

Other designs for impressive landscaping around your deck include: 

  • Plant trees and flowers around the patio but not too close to the deck
  • Add bushes and trees when landscaping around a raised deck
  • Make an artificial pond in your backyard
  • Position rock beds and small flower beds around the deck
  • Add more lights, including twinkle lights, to brighten up the space at night

A few other ideas for landscaping around deck tips include using mulch to reduce weed growth, adding rocks to your artificial pond, and employing gravel to stop plant overgrowth. Also, if you have a large deck with stairs, you may want to add LED lights to each step to prevent tripping when walking outdoors at night.

Pool Deck Landscaping Ideas 

Do you have a pool connected to your new deck? If so, you’ll want to consider employing these excellent pool deck landscaping ideas. 

First, plant a variety of bushes and flowers that can handle rocky and dry environments. For a tropical pool area, consider adding creeping or tropical plants. The type of flowers that will make your pool deck stand out the most include hydrangeas, lilies, and tall grasses. 

Other pool deck landscaping ideas include planting boxwood hedges and a green lawn around the pool. That will provide more privacy when swimming in your pool. You can also add a stone path to make it easier to walk around the pool deck. An experienced landscaper can also use wild vegetation to build a paradise lagoon.

Landscaping Around Raised Decks

Do you need some inspiration for landscaping around your raised deck? A few deck landscaping ideas include planting tall shrubs, bushes, and trees around your deck, along with adding planter boxes and flower beds to a raised deck.

Create a border when landscaping around your raised deck by adding flowers and trees of different sizes. In addition, landscaping around raised decks may prove difficult since you need to mow or weed in the area. To avoid plant overgrowth and weeding, add mulch and gravel to the soil by the plants. 

Large and raised decks may also have staircases that you may want to light up. That will make it easier to walk around in the evenings. Another deck landscaping idea add differently colored rock beds around the deck to make it stand out more. 

Under Deck Landscaping 

If you have a large deck, you may need to come up with several under deck landscaping ideas. For example, you may want to add a picnic table or another seating area under the deck. Another option is to add a flower bed with gravel below the deck.

When handling your under deck landscaping, you may want to add a hammock or outdoor furniture when sitting and relaxing underneath your deck. Enjoy reading a book, listening to music, or taking a nap on your hammock outdoors.

Here’s a fun deck landscaping idea: plant a beautiful garden under your deck. Roses are always popular flowers to add along with bushes and tall plants. A beautiful waterfall feature will also make your under deck landscaping look wonderful. Use gravel and black mulch to surround the waterfall.

If the low deck doesn’t have much space, you may want to just add some black mulch for your under deck landscaping. Make a perimeter with flat rocks for a nice border.

Another deck landscaping idea is to add climbing ivy, lush greenery, and a flower bed to give your outdoor space an attractive look. A small tree or bush can also help improve your space. Don’t forget to add mulch to prevent plant overgrowth.

Adding ceiling fans is an interesting deck landscaping idea, as it can keep the area cool in the summertime. You may also want to add an umbrella stand side table to provide shade on those hot and sunny days. Further, you may want to add a suspended bench under the deck for your kids to enjoy. These deck landscaping ideas should greatly improve your landscaping around the deck.

Frequently Asked Questions About Landscaping Around Decks

Check out a few answers to several commonly asked questions about landscaping around decks.

How should I work on landscaping around my low deck?

When landscaping around a low deck, you may want to add low-growing flowers and green foliage while leaving enough space between each plant. That will provide a look of a larger and more sprawling area. A good deck landscaping idea is to add a few large potted plants for a greater sense of space on a low deck. 

You can also create a container garden on your low deck. Add some string lights to illuminate the space and make it more fun. 

How can I decorate my deck cheaply?

A few budget-friendly deck landscaping ideas when decorating include adding a few flower boxes and adding some new cushions to your outdoor patio furniture. You may also want to powerwash and paint the deck if it looks stale and old. You can use spray paint to make your deck look nice. 

Another cheap and simple way to decorate your deck is to install some new lights, including LED lights or string lights. Another budget-friendly addition is to put a coffee table or an ottoman on your deck. 

How do you do basic landscaping around decks?

Are you a beginner? You can still complete DIY landscaping around deck projects. Follow several basic steps for landscaping around decks. First, purchase some soil or make your own compost. Start by planting a few shrubs, flower beds, and plants. One deck landscaping idea is to pick your favorite perennials to add to your garden. 

Add a few rocks and stepping stones to the area around your deck. You can also add an outdoor rug and a few pretty lights to brighten the space. 

Before You Go

landscaping around decks before you go

These excellent deck landscaping ideas should have provided you with all the information you need to improve the landscaping around a new deck. If you need help with more deck landscaping ideas, get in touch with us. Soon, your backyard will look amazing, and you can throw that awesome barbecue for the whole family on your new deck.