How to Create a Mediation Garden of Your Own

Mediation is a perfect way to reduce the stress that you might find in your life. It is the perfect way to calm the nerves, relax the body and senses and remember who you are while enjoying all of the little things around you. By being more in touch with your body and senses, you’re able to enjoy the other little things in life that much more.  Being in a natural surrounding can help, even if it’s in your own yard.  Would you like to know how to create a meditation garden?  Here are some things to include.

10oct17b2a14Essential Elements of a Meditation Garden

  • Water is an important element for relaxation. With the soothing sounds of water, you’re able to focus your thoughts on the sound and the vibes that the water provides you with. This can be done with a small water feature that fits perfectly with the look and feel of the mediation garden that you’re planning.  A reflecting pool, a recirculating fountain, or even a small waterfall can work.
  • Simplicity is a fine way to start your mediation garden. By adding simple lines and small features throughout your area, you’re able to minimize distractions while maximizing relaxation.
  • Using symbolism throughout the garden can be ideal. Create a path that walks you to your mediation area that incorporates things that are symbolic for you.  Use a mirror that shows you finding yourself,or add pictures, decorations, and small mementos that are meaningful for you.
  • Separation from the outside world is a must when you meditate, so you want to ensure that you place walls of some sort around this secluded area. You can do that with lattice fences, flowering walls or bamboo fences that can match the look and feel of the area, while still providing you with the privacy you’d like.

If  you’re considering making a meditation garden of your own, give us a call here at Architectural Landscape Design. We are a landscaping contractor in Minneapolis that is able to help you plan your simple area for the upcoming spring months. We are offering free initial design consultations.