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7 Custom Stone Furniture Ideas to Spruce Up Your Yard This Summer

The official first week of summer is right around the corner, are you ready? If you’re like most people, you can’t wait to get outdoors and soak in the sun after the long Minnesota winter. If your yard seems like it needs a little pick me up, thinks about some new stone furniture. Custom stone furniture is beautiful, durable, lasts forever and can give your yard or patio a whole new look. Read on for some fresh ideas. Fire Pits A fire pit is a great way to extend the use of your yard into the cooler fall months, and

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3 Incredible Ideas For Your Outdoor Areas

So you have already built the outside area of your dreams. You have the deck you have always wanted. You have even decorated it to perfection. Now what? How exactly will you use your deck? Good question. This post will give you three things you can do on your deck this year. Rest And Relaxation If you need a better way to relax, your deck can provide the perfect solution. In the spring and summer months, a relaxing patio can give you the ambiance you need to let the stress melt away. There are a few things you can do

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How To Decorate With Custom Fire Rocks

Are you looking for a better way to decorate your backyard? If so, you might want to consider using fire rocks. Fire rocks can be a beautiful addition to your yard — especially if you use them in a fire pit or water feature. Not only do they look great, they also conduct heat more effectively. This post will show you what fire rocks are, and how to use them in your fire pit. What Are Fire Rocks? Fire rocks are made from lava rock. It is molded into different sizes and shapes. They are typically used to retain heat

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5 Easy Ways To Maximize Your Homes Curb Appeal

The first impression is essential, especially when you’re planning to sell your home. Every homeowner has heard the term “curb appeal,” which refers to how attractive the outside of your house looks to potential buyers. A large percentage of that curb appeal will come from your landscaping. A good guideline for maximizing the value and curb appeal of your home is to invest 10% of the cost of your home into landscaping and outdoor improvements. Here are some cost-efficient ways to boost your curb appeal, regardless of your budget. 1. Upkeep Yard maintenance is key. Keeping your lawn neatly-mowed and free

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Thinking About Stone or Rock Work? Here Are the Best Options for Your Outdoor Space

Adding an outdoor walkway to your home? Want to build a patio for your backyard? With the right material and a solid installation team, your garden will serve you for decades to come. There are many options stone or rock work in areas with extreme weather like Minnesota. No matter the feature you want to add, these are the best options for your outdoor space. Materials for Stone or Rock Work The right point of interest in your outdoor space makes all of the difference in how much you love your home. Whether you are adding steps, a walkway, or

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Add Design Style with Custom Patio Inlays with Natural Stone

Are you planning on adding a patio to your house? With this addition, you increase the useable are on your property, and you add a new space to entertain guests. Natural stone is beautiful in its way, but adding to it with a custom inlay gives that personal touch you are looking for. The right landscape design professional considers the details of your patio project, so you are pleased with it for years to come. Custom Patio Inlays Come in Limitless Designs No matter your design preferences, a custom patio inlay can meet your design expectations. You can add everything

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