Add Design Style with Custom Patio Inlays with Natural Stone

Are you planning on adding a patio to your house? With this addition, you increase the useable are on your property, and you add a new space to entertain guests. Natural stone is beautiful in its way, but adding to it with a custom inlay gives that personal touch you are looking for. The right landscape design professional considers the details of your patio project, so you are pleased with it for years to come.

Custom Patio Inlays Come in Limitless Designs

No matter your design preferences, a custom patio inlay can meet your design expectations. You can add everything from a flower to a compass to just a simple pattern. Some of the more popular custom patio inlays include:

  • Flowers
  • Compass Rose
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Circles
  • Suns
  • Mosaic-Style Inlays
  • Celtic Symbols
  • Diamonds

Why Choose Natural Stone?

Natural stone is a common choice for a high-end patio installation because of its numerous strong properties. Concrete and pavers are other popular choices but here is why natural stone stands out from the competition:

  • Natural stone has a beautiful look and beautiful finish.
  • The endless number of color options available match every style.
  • You can match your personal preference including slate, flagstone, limestone, travertine, and more.
  • Choose shape options including uniform and natural shapes.
  • It is a natural material that doesn’t hurt the environment.
  • The stone lasts a long time and is an investment in your home’s future.

All of these properties apply to your custom patio inlay if it is made of natural stone. The design doesn’t wear away because coloring is integral to its look. Don’t choose the basic option of pavers when you can take that next step with the purchase of natural stone which lasts longer and looks more elegant.

A Custom Inlay Adds a Functional Element

There are two types of custom inlays, the entirely decorative or the functional inlay. The decorative inlay is a strong decision for many homeowners, but it is valuable to consider the functional inlay. For example, you can add a natural stone custom inlay with a fire pit in the center of your inlay helps define a recreational space from the area where you dine.

No matter how you wish to use the patio, don’t forget to consider the actual location of the custom inlay before you start the project. Natural stone is a stylish, beautiful material.

Considerations Before Installation

Before you add your new patio, don’t forget to consider how you will use the space and what furniture you want. This is a project of a large size, but it is valuable to focus on your family’s needs for space.

Also, before choosing any team of landscape design professionals be sure to vet the professionals you are hiring. You should feel comfortable with the team your hire, see if you agree with their vision, and also settle on a price you consider to be fair for the size of the project.