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How to Furnish Your Luxury Patio

A patio will boost the value of your home and quickly become an area where you enjoy relaxing. Most patios don’t require a lot of maintenance, and it’s a space you can personalize easily to create the atmosphere you want.  Creating a patio with a luxury feel to it is surprisingly easy. Here are a few ideas for luxury patio designs. The Minimalist Approach We recommend adopting a minimalist approach for outdoor patio designs because that style instantly creates the impression of luxury and provides you with plenty of space you can use. Your patio needs to be inviting and

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Outdoor Room Themes That Elevate Your Style

There are many reasons why outdoor living spaces are one of the top home improvement investments, but yours are unique. Outdoor rooms have numberless lifestyle and entertainment benefits, but to discover and achieve the ones that are right for you it’s paramount to start the planning and design process right. You will thank yourself a thousand times over for working to get that clarity. You will be happier with the result and greatly minimize unnecessary and costly mistakes. Here’s a three-step process that is so easy even a caveman could understand it. #1. The Outdoor Room Style Problem Designing the

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Outdoor Living Spaces: Mapping The Cost of Priceless Lifestyle Experiences

If you are asking about the cost of an outdoor living space or room you will first want to do some discovery.  You can arrive at a meaningful cost by first asking the right questions.  How will outdoor living enhance your lifestyle for the better?  What problems will the right outdoor room solve?  How can a Minnesota homeowner make the most of outdoor living spaces? The honest answer is that outdoor rooms and living spaces are capable of giving you far more than you may have imagined. The possibilities are limitless. This realization is what makes planning and budgeting for

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Material Upgrades That Instantly Enhance Your Outdoor Room Investment

Adding an outdoor room to your home? Congratulations! You’re making a great investment that amps up your square footage and adds extra enjoyment to your home. But here’s something important to keep in mind: Now isn’t the time to skimp on the details. The details of the design and decor matter as much in an outdoor room as they do in the rest of your home. With some carefully-placed upgrades here and there, you’ll enhance your investment and truly get the most out of your new outdoor room. Here’s how to do it. Window Screens Open-air designs are extremely popular

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What You Need To Know About Custom Stone Furniture

You want your home’s landscaping to stand out. You want it to be different. You’ve spent nights dreaming about the perfect outdoor space to relax, entertain guests, or escape to when you need a break. What you’re really looking for are custom designs that put the finishing touches on a vision you’ve had for a while. Custom stone furniture creates a look and feels like no other. The unique craftsmanship that goes into these furnishings are second to none and are the only way to make sure your tastes are met. Custom stone furniture is versatile because well, it’s custom.

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How To Incorporate Outdoor Rooms Into Your Lifestyle

An outdoor room is so much more than just a patio, porch, or deck. It’s an addition to your lifestyle that improves the time you spend with friends and family. It’s an opportunity to add special events to your life and make memories with the people you love. If you’re building an outdoor room, take time to consider how the design of the space will impact your life. Here are some tips from landscape construction experts who have decades of experience building outdoor rooms. Plan for Special Events When you have a fully functioning outdoor room, you can plan in

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