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How to Landscape With Boulders

Have you ever wanted to create a stunning outdoor space using the natural beauty of boulders? Landscaping with boulders can provide great aesthetic value to your outdoor space, as they come in various shapes and sizes, creating unique and eye-catching features.  Landscaping with boulders also has practical advantages, such as providing an erosion control measure, adding privacy, and acting as windbreakers. With the right design ideas, landscaping boulders can transform any space into something special. In this article, we’ll show you how to landscaping boulders into your unique outdoor designs to make exquisite features in your yard or garden. Benefits

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7 Design Ideas For Greater Outdoor Living In 2023

Outdoor living in our Minnesota region is expecting a continued resurgence of practices many of us have long embraced. While the use of technology makes our lives easier in or outdoors, its the unique expressions of our personalities and lifestyles that will take our outdoor spaces to the next level. You may discover one of these seven design ideas that are underrepresented in your outdoor living space. If that’s not the case, maybe it’s time to refresh one or two to refine or elevate the overall design theme. #1. Invest In Quality Furniture And Accessories Quality materials will last longer,

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2023 Outdoor Living Trends For Simpler Lifestyles

Landscape design is constantly evolving, with new trends emerging every year. What’s interesting about the 2023 outdoor living trends is the resurgence of methods and practices that temporarily faded. The leading landscape outdoor trends for 2023 reflect a desire to enjoy outdoor spaces that are functional, sustainable, and connected to nature. Homeowners are seeking a gentler lifestyle, one that allows us to get back to enjoying Nature’s simplicity. There’s nothing about it that needs to be added or subtracted to improve it. All we have to create opportunities for its richness to enter our lifestyle. By incorporating these trends into

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Garden Color Schemes

Do you plan your flower color combinations? Or do you choose the ones you like and plant them without considering a garden color palette? If you’ve ever desired a certain mood or feeling in your garden, incorporating garden color schemes can help. It takes some planning, but it pays off. You may want a calming garden space where you can sit when you need a little peace. Or you might prefer lively flower beds around your patio where you entertain guests and want them to feel upbeat and happy. You can achieve either by knowing how garden color schemes work.

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Garden Aesthetic Tips for a Beautiful Home Landscape

There’s nothing quite like seeing an aesthetic garden, a colorful array of flowers, or an expansive plot of lush greenery. It’s a sight to behold and one that can never get old. But while it’s easy to gaze upon lush gardens, garden aesthetics are not always so easy to cultivate. Whether you’re looking to impress your guests or want to be surrounded by nature, here are some ideas to build your custom gardens to provide beauty and function beautifully for years. What Is an Aesthetically Pleasing Garden? Before you can think of your aesthetic garden ideas, you need to determine

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Pre-Winter Landscape Maintenance Tasks Homeowners Want To Do

There are plenty of outdoor maintenance tasks that should be done before the winter hits. Autumn is the best time to get these tasks done, but even early winter can work if the sun is shining and temperatures are in the 30s or warmer. Not only will this tidy up your yard, but you will protect your home and outdoor living spaces from the effects of cold winter temperatures, winds, snow, and ice. Clean Garden Beds of Weeds and Redefine Edges Garden beds need a thorough cleaning ahead of the winter. The garden beds will be more attractive when they

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