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5 Awesome Corporate Landscaping Strategies That Inspire

A commercial property’s value isn’t the only thing that’s influenced by the exterior landscaping. For many businesses, poor landscaping can conceal an otherwise professional and thriving business. When the yard is junky, we often will assume that the inside is of a similar catastrophe. Whether it be clients or customers approaching your entry, you want them to feel at ease and inspired as they near your doors. The good news is that commercial landscaping upgrades aren’t as overwhelming as one might think when they know understand the various landscaping sections. Boulder work, retaining walls, garden beds, and accent pieces are

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How to Hire a Standout Landscape Contractor

Landscape contractors are people, too. Due to this not so surprising observation, it is vital that we consider that all people are different when we decide to choose a landscaper to help us achieve our landscaping goals. Some people are annoying, a few are lazy, others are flakey, some people take too long selecting an orange which causes us to be late for our family dinner, and some people are hilarious. The point is, landscapers, like all people, offer us a variety of personality spectrums, and some of those spectrum ranges may grind our gears. Just because landscaping takes place

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Landscaping – Unique Benefits of Planning that Special Project

Perhaps you’ve been imagining that brand new deck or beautifully landscaped garden. Having that vision is just the first step. To make that dream a reality, you need to properly plan and design that special project. Projects Take Time This may seem like an obvious statement, but if you want to enjoy your new deck this summer you can’t wait until July to start on it. There are many aspects of a project where time is a major factor. Determining how long you have to complete the project is the first step. Going back to our summer deck example, you may need

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How to Make Your Grass More Green

It’s ironic that green is the color of envy because a deep green lawn of grass can cause such profound jealousy among neighbors. We all strive to have a luscious green lawn, just like you see on television, but year after year many of us struggle to achieve our dreams. Fortunately, a lot of dull, yellow and patchy lawns are caused by things that we either aren’t doing enough or are doing too much. That’s great news because it means that it can be fixed relatively easy. Stop Mowing So Low Firstly, you need to stop mowing too low to

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Using Big Stone Boulder Work to Create a Majestic Backyard

What makes South Minnesota landscapes so breathtaking? Some will say it is the beauty of nature surviving in harsh conditions. Some will say it is the unique mixture of rocks and plants. You don’t need to go on a hike to enjoy these sights. Boulder work makes these gorgeous landscapes come to life right in your backyard. Here are six ways to transform your backyard with stone boulder work. 1.    Create a Rock Garden Vegetation changes all year round. Add a constant element to your garden with some boulders or smaller rocks. You will have something to look at

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Four Unique Landscape Design Ideas to Implement in 2017

It’s a bit dull going through a neighborhood and seeing the same perfectly preened landscape, with very little personality and character. Break the mold, and hijack your current landscape in 2017. As long as you follow the regulations set forth by your local homeowner association, then do not hesitate to step a little bit of the box with these design ideas. 1. The Rock Garden Sometimes called an alpine garden, rock gardens combine hardscape and strategic planting to create a little Zen spot in your front or back yard. Remove debris with a leaf blower and use a shovel to

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