5 Awesome Corporate Landscaping Strategies That Inspire

A commercial property’s value isn’t the only thing that’s influenced by the exterior landscaping. For many businesses, poor landscaping can conceal an otherwise professional and thriving business. When the yard is junky, we often will assume that the inside is of a similar catastrophe. Whether it be clients or customers approaching your entry, you want them to feel at ease and inspired as they near your doors.

The good news is that commercial landscaping upgrades aren’t as overwhelming as one might think when they know understand the various landscaping sections. Boulder work, retaining walls, garden beds, and accent pieces are just a few enhancements that a commercial business can make to add value and better impress clients.

Commercial Landscaping Benefits a Local Business

Commercial landscaping that uses intelligent and sophisticated versions of landscaping can create a look and feel that truly reflects the professionalism and inner-beauty of the local business. The use of accent pieces and garden beds can result in additional walkway vibrancy while modern boulder work and retaining walls can architecturally offer relief to surly edges and paths.

Commercial Landscaping Essentials

Here are a few commercial landscaping concepts that can offer innovated and impressive returns on your property’s value and appeal.

Boulder Work: Your Supporting Rock

Boulders offer a rock-solid addition to your corporate landscaping (pun wholly intended and, I’m sorry). Landscaping is often ripe with plants, but let’s face it, plants can be difficult and expensive to maintain.

Boulders offer relief from plants and often add just as much, or even more, beauty to the landscape. You don’t have to water boulders, but I hope you already understood that.

Boulders can often serve as visual anchors that summon the focal point of dense plant areas. They can also equally add appeal to areas of landscaping that are sans plant life. Boulders are charming in the way that they can add antiquity to a commercial property. Boulder work, if executed strategically, can offer a transition between two diverse landscapes, therefore making them appear more natural in co-existence.

Retaining Walls and Enhancing Natural Landscaping Changes

Retaining walls in landscaping are dividers that deal with changing heights in a property. As boulder work tends to transition diverse ecosystems, retaining walls are used to accommodate the nature of inclines and declines that may have appeared naturally in the original property.

The retaining wall offers the value of serving as an elegant, yet sophisticated dam for soil and vegetation. The Retaining wall eliminates shoddy hills that typically are unmanageable regarding design.

Another fun benefit to a retaining wall is that it often can serve as a sitting area for those who are walking by it.

Garden Beds – Healthier, More Esthetic Vegetation

Raised garden beds are another way to upgrade and expand a commercial property’s landscaping. Raised garden beds not only enhance the look of the property, but they also serve to contribute to the longevity of the plants.

The material you choose to build your garden bed with will be one of the most important decisions you make. Garden beds are best achieved by using stone in the form of bricks or concrete blocks, or by way of railroad ties. Choose the wrong material, and your garden bed’s lifespan may be a short one.

Accent Pieces: The Starters Of Conversation

Decorative accent pieces offer some of the most visually stunning attributes to an overall commercial landscaping plan. Accent pieces can range from small ponds that offer momentary serenity to old-timey barrels that give a property a western appeal.

One of the great attributes of decorative accent pieces that are often not acknowledged is that accent pieces tend to act as conversation starters. Guest, clients, and customers alike will often remark or comment on unique or lovely accent pieces.

Using Landscaping Barriers to Segment Our Landscaping Concepts

Landscaping barriers offer a commercial property’s exterior division in various environments. Whether you want to draw definitive distinctions between the parking lot and the sidewalks or accentuate the divide between two lawns, landscaping barriers help us partition uniqueness.


Various landscaping applications, when used shrewdly, can amplify the beauty of commercial property by leaps and bounds. Professional commercial landscaping services often help to not only build a beautiful landscape but strategically mend the property owner’s ideas with the innate existing landscaping opportunities.