Turning Your Backyard Into A Yoga Oasis

Yoga is an ancient, spiritual practice. Many modern yogis flock to crowded studios to hit their mats. However, this hasn’t been easy to do lately, leading some yoga fanatics to look into home yoga workouts. Yoga is simple to adapt to a home workout regimen. It requires very few props besides a mat or, in some instances, a couple of blocks. 

However, imagine having your very own garden yoga getaway. That image poses the question: Why practice inside, between four walls, when you can take your practice to a place of calm, to be united with nature, just like the earliest yoga masters?

The Benefits of Outdoor Yoga

Beyond the extra Vitamin D, the luxurious feeling of the sun’s rays, and the mood-boosting effects of the sun, are there obvious benefits to creating a sacred yoga escape or serenity space in your backyard? Yes, and the answer is that you will wonder why you waited so long to design your outdoor yoga space.

Be Balanced With Prana 

Nature brings us closer to the life force energy, or prana. In Hindu texts, we often read that the source of prana is the sun and is associated with air elements. Through yoga practice in a natural and peaceful environment, we can tap into our inner prana, feel grounded, rejuvenated, and aligned. 

Plus, some studies show unequivocally that when we spend time outdoors, we feel better mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

The Best Grounding 

Chances any reputable yoga instructor has explained opening or grounding the chakras through the different poses or kriyas. 

When you are outdoors, you ground yourself to your root center and let go of any imbalances or minor blockages. When you are more grounded, you are more open to receiving positive vibrations from the universe. 

Light Up The Fire Energy 

When your body produces heat while practicing yoga and the sunlight is kissing your skin, you will connect to the heat of Agni. Agni is a Sanskrit word for fire and signifies the Hindu fire deity. This is why one of the core components of yoga is called sun salutations. You greet the sun every day and draw in the benefits. 

It Is Healing For The Body 

As you begin to move and become more flexible through your outdoor yoga practice, you may notice several things. Your senses will sharpen with the surroundings as you converge with nature. Your root chakra will become grounded, and your mood will lighten. Your mind will open to new things. As a result, your heart chakra will begin to unblock. 

As this happens, it is not unusual for strong emotions to come up when you practice outdoors. That is entirely normal. When you open the root and heart chakras, you can expect to feel intense sensations as emotions are released.

Practicing yoga in a natural environment is also replenishing for your body. Instead of taking a nap when you feel depleted, a yoga session outside can be even better. Walk away feeling restored. 

The benefits of practicing yoga outdoors are many. Let’s delve into the numerous choices to make the spot uniquely yours. 

Creating An Outdoor Yoga Escape 

There are many ways to design a yoga oasis, and Architectural Landscape Design has years of experience building beautiful outdoor retreats. And, you deserve an outdoor yoga area with specific elements to create a harmonious look and feel. We can get you into a downward-facing dog in the privacy of your own personal yoga retreat.   

  • Use Trellises Creatively 

Instead of being confined between walls, you can use trellises to enclose your yoga space. A trellis is an excellent way to add a green focal point to your yoga escape or create the sensation of privacy for your practice. 

  • Creeping Plants Boost Serenity 

Creeping plants are low-maintenance and tend to thrive where trellises do. They also add texture and attractive greenery to a garden yoga escape. 

  • Bricks Create A Natural Outdoor Yoga Studio 

Utilize bricks to create a solid, grounding nook for your yoga mat. You can create a natural, effortless look with custom stone and rock work that will call you to your mat every morning. 

  • Outdoor Furniture Adds A Custom Element 

You may not always feel like staying on your mat. Perhaps you need a comfortable spot to meditate or ponder the Bhagavad Gita. Locally sourced, custom outdoor furniture can help you achieve that in tranquility and style.

  • Meditate Near Your Brook 

The restorative powers of water are second to none. It is only better when it is your private brook or stream to enhance your practice or meditation. 

  • Tie In A Cozy Outdoor Fireplace 

Extend the seasonal life of your outdoor yoga space with a custom-built outdoor fireplace. You can also practice under the moon and stars for a unique nighttime session. Let the fireplace (and the fireflies) be your night light. 

  • Entice Butterflies With Local Plants

Have you ever wanted to practice yoga amid butterflies and hummingbirds? You can with the right local plants. We are horticulture experts and can select the perfect plants to turn your yoga experience into a butterfly menagerie. 

  • Consider a Yoga Rug 

Traditionally, people practiced yoga on small rugs or blankets, incorporating more strength than flexibility in poses. A woman with a medical condition invented the first yoga mat. She used a thin piece of carpet underlay as a rudimentary mat. When other yogis found out about it, they loved it so much, and the first yoga mats were born. However, they were not typically part of the practice. 

A Place To Call “Om”

Your private studio can be as exotic or rustic as you like. We will work with you to find the plants, bricks, outdoor furniture, fireplaces, or other adornments to take your practice to the next level. We’d love to help you create the outdoor yoga oasis of your dreams! The possibilities are endless, and we are not satisfied until you are.