Serenity Spaces

Perfect addition to your yard

What could be better than a place of peace in our fast-moving world? A serenity space in your yard might encourage quiet meditation, reading, or a conversation with a friend. The right balance of landscaping, permanent fixtures, and artistic design make spaces like this possible. Could a serenity space be the perfect addition to your yard?

Landscaping Elements Of Your Serenity Space

The natural spaces around your home are full of potential. At Architectural Landscaping Design (ALD), we specialize in transforming spaces into works of art. We use a balance of eye-catching “accent plantings” and less distinctive items that perfectly blend into the background. We believe in creating harmony in all of the areas that we design.

The serenity spaces that we create are customized to the desire of the client (you!). What exactly are you looking for in your serenity space? A water feature may give you that coveted zen feel, or you might like to have your area situated under the shade of a blossoming tree. Everyone is different, and we pay attention to those differences. The landscaping elements of your serenity space will be unique to you, and your yard.

At ALD, we take pride in creating landscape designs that will deliver beauty in each season of the Minnesotan climate. We have experience in combining plants that flourish at varying times of the year, so that there will always be shapes, colors, and forms that delight the eye, no matter what month it is.

We’ll help you choose the right combination of plants with berries, blossoms, delicate branches, or stunning trunk texture. Certain flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds into your yard, which can be a sweet addition to a serenity space.


In addition to creating beauty in each season, we also want the landscaping in your serenity space to meet your lifestyle needs. If you prefer low-maintenance plants, we’ll work with you to install plants that require minimum care. Or, we can tell you all about our maintenance program, so that plants which need more attention can flourish, and you won’t have to lift a finger!

All of our plants are sourced locally, and we use a unique soil blend for the garden beds that we install. Plants that start out in a happy home can stay healthy in the long run. We use our expertise in horticulture to consider your yard’s unique environment, and only install plants that we know will do well, considering the sun, shade, and moisture in your yard.

The Hardware and Furniture

In addition to a breathtaking landscape design, your serenity space could include inorganic fixtures, such as an arbor or a trellis.

An arbor is a vertical structure that landscape designers use in gardens and yards for separating specific areas of the garden, directing traffic, or as an aesthetic focal point. Arbors are ideal for serenity spaces because they can act as an entryway to a quiet, distinctive area. Wide arbors also deliver shade and privacy.

Trellises also work wonders in landscape design and are perfect for creating intentional spaces. Trellises are light wooden or metal fences. Creeping plants flourish next to trellises, where they have plenty of room to grow vertically.

The furniture in your serenity space can be used to encourage rest. We live in such a go-go world!  Give yourself and your guests a treat by providing a place to stop, look around, and appreciate natural beauty. You and your loved ones are more likely to stop and smell the roses when you have the perfect place to do so, right in the backyard.

What kind of furniture will your serenity space feature? Our design team can help you come up with just the right items that will complement the existing landscape in your yard. We also build custom stone furniture, which adds a grounded, timeless atmosphere to any space.

What Else Is Possible?

The possibilities for your serenity space are endless. You could create a small nook, perfect for one person. Or, your area could be capable of hosting a group of people who want to sit in peace together. Your serenity space might include a bench under a shade-giving tree, where you can enjoy a cup of tea, or it might be wide open so that you can practice your morning yoga. It is entirely up to you!

At ALD, we love listening to your unique ideas and working with you to create the vision that you have dreamed up in your mind. So let your imagination run wild! Here are some ideas to consider:

A custom stonework seat under a flowering tree

Create seating for two near a fire pit — perfect for curling up with a book on a chilly day

The perfect seating near a pond on your property offers you a quiet escape

A quiet place for reading by a brook or stream on your property

A stone bench near your favorite flowering plants gives you the right seat for appreciating beauty

A small brick patio lined with trellises gives you your own private outdoor yoga studio

Designate a part of your garden for morning meditation

Watch butterflies and hummingbirds from your shaded seat under an arbor

A seat near a birdbath provides a place for reflection and prayer

What would your life be like if you always knew you had a quiet retreat available to you at all times, that could restore your peace? A serenity space in your backyard encourages rest, relaxation, contemplation, and self-reflection. A little oasis within your busy life might be just the thing you need.

Your yard has the potential to deliver that kind of peace. With the right landscaping, permanent fixtures, and furniture you can create an intentional serenity space. We’ll work with you to find plants that are custom tailored to your environment, lifestyle, and desires. The right plants will deliver beauty in all seasons. A touch of wood, metal, or stone in the form of trellises, arbors, and furniture can take your space to the next level. There are many possibilities.