5 Reasons to Get That Summer Swimming Pool Built Now

You don’t have to entertain your own cousin Eddy to get a pool of your own. Spring is an excellent time to go ahead and begin construction if you’ve been mulling over a pool for a while. Let’s take a look at some reasons you might want to get started right now and why it’ll save you both time and money in the long-run.

There’s No Ideal Time to “Buy” a Pool

From a contractor’s standpoint, materials cost the same year-round. Just because you missed the fall to start building a pool, doesn’t mean you have to wait until later in the year to save money. What we’d be more worried about is a contractor’s yearly schedule filling up as summer convinces more people to take the plunge.

Pool prices inevitably go up from year to year despite seasonal promotions. The more time you wait for the right promotion, the more pool prices creep up. Next year’s “promotional” price is probably this year’s regular price.

Dealing with Construction Puts a Damper on Summer Fun

Do you want to spend nearly all your summer dealing with construction in your backyard? It makes a lot more sense to get the pool in while the kids are still in school and no one is begging to go to the public pool for the 57th day in a row.

Spring is a busy time for many families, but by the time summer rolls around, you could already have your pool installed and ready. You might even time it so that during the first days of your kids’ summer vacation, the brand new pool is open for business.

A Pool Brings Communities Together

Does anyone else in your neighborhood have a pool? It seems like we’ve lost touch with a lot of our neighbors, but this might be an excellent way to bring back the sense of community. BBQs go so much better when everyone can cool off in the water.

Or maybe you don’t like your neighbors, and that’s ok. However, you do belong to a community somewhere, whether it’s a church, a local softball league, or the PTA. The pool can be a central location for everyone to come together and have some fun.

It Increases Home Value

There’s a fine line between remodeling your home to suit you and remodeling it to satisfy potential buyers down the road. Even if you’re sure you have your forever home, there’s always the chance you might move.

Popular opinion is that you won’t see a return on your investment, but the truth is that pools add up to eight percent on the value of your home depending on the location. That might not cover the cost of installation, but you won’t have to worry you’ll lose money outright.

A Pool Is Fun

Let’s not forget the real reason we’re here, the fun. Putting in a pool now means you’ll get all the fun for this summer and many more later. You can think about putting in a pool forever, consider all the options, wait for all the promotions, and miss out on years of good times.

Don’t want until your kids are all grown up and moved out. You could be making memories with them now and memories later with grandkids. Sometimes, trying to make the perfect decision only means delaying what you know is the best choice.

Landscaping as a Bonus

If you were thinking about upgrading your home’s landscaping, why not get it done all at once? While the pool is constructed in the back, you can begin working with your landscaper to build your outdoor dream space.

Spring is the perfect time to begin putting in new plants and refreshing some of your treasured garden staples. If starting such a massive project seems overwhelming, here are a few tips to get you started on the right foot.

There’s no better time than now to create the landscaping oasis of your dreams.