4 Tips To Create a Rockin’ Stone Wall In Your Yard

Check out these tips on retaining wall construction – from choosing the best materials and the right location to just dressing up an existing wall.

IMG_7856Have you longed to have one of those beautiful walls that you have seen in magazines, or maybe your neighbor’s yard?

Now you can. Here are four tips that you can follow that will help you achieve that dream.

Good-looking rocks that fit your personality will make your wall your own as it sits and makes your yard more beautiful. This popular type of landscaping project will help you embellish your property.  But keep in mind that the work involved in landscaping with stone can be intimidating, so this is one project you might want professional help with.    

Choosing the Right Materials for a Stone Retaining Wall

Baffled by which materials you will need to buy? With retaining walls you’ve got lots of options. If this is a DIY project you’re tackling,  check out this video from This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook.  He discusses the different types of stone as well as the best applications for each type discussed. Round fieldstone, stone veneer, and cast-concrete blocks are demystified.

But stone wall construction can be challenging, and it needs to be done right to stay in place.  This is one landscaping project you may prefer to leave to a professional landscape installation contractor.  A good landscape designer can help you choose which materials will be best for your project.

Choose the Location Wisely

One smart option is to build a stone wall that does a variety of things:

  • it can create a raised garden bed
  • it can define a patio area
  • it can provide extra backyard seating

Another choice may be using stone to create a retaining wall that helps level your landscape if you’ve got an uneven yard. By using manufactured blocks you can ensure that the wall is the precise height for leveling. Another benefit of this material is that these blocks have easy-fit grooves.

Tool-Mortared Joints

When properly designed and constructed, freestanding mortared walls built properly can last a lifetime!

Why, you ask?

The mortar will hold all the stones together and creates a strong hold on the wall. Yet keep in mind, a messy mortar is not as visually attractive as the dry-laid appearance.

Dressing Up a Plain Wall

When you just need to dress up an existing wall, stone-veneer panels present a simple way to get the appearance of a stone wall, without all the heavy lifting. These attractive panels look just like stacked natural stone and enable you to convert an uncovered foundation, concrete, bare cinder block, or framed walls in as little as one weekend.

A stone wall in your yard could be just the landscape element it needs to make your outdoor space really rock.

When you’re ready to make a change in the yard that you have, speak with us here at Architectural Landscape Design. We’ve got the experience and expertise you need for retaining wall construction.  Why not have it done for you and then enjoy all the compliments?