Winter Yard Maintenance: Why You Should Prune

Winter is coming! It is just around the corner. Actually, in some parts of our area it’s already hit.

It is also the season you should prepare for the most. The Minnesota winter months will bring cold, freezing, harsh weather and that means your landscaping can take a serious hit if it is not prepared for the weather.

You’ve probably raked up your leaves and fertilized, but have you thought about pruning? 

To avoid future problems with your plants, and to increase their lifespan, you should also prune the shrubs and trees that are part of your landscaping.

In the winter???  Yes, winter pruning is a good idea for several reasons. 

Now is the optimum time to start pruning trees and shrubs that are in your yard.  And at any time in the winter that your trees or shrubs sustain damage such as a break due to heavy snow, the damaged spots should be pruned back.  Also, late winter, before spring makes its appearance, is also a great time to prune most trees because you will be able to see the structure and bad branches more clearly.

So what are a few things you should look for when pruning your trees or shrubs?

Look for any two branches that grow in a V shaped angle. These branches that form a V do not allow for new branches to grow due to lack of space. When your tree does not have new wood growth, it loses strength. Trimming any V shaped branches will potentially help strengthen your tree as well as extend its lifespan.

Another thing to look for, of course, is any branch or area where the tree has “dead” wood. Trimming these areas is extremely important for the health of your tree or shrub. You can prune dead wood at any time of the year, and it should be done the first time you notice any signs of dead wood. The key to pruning these areas, however, is to make sure your tree is dry. Removing the dead or damaged branches or areas on the tree or shrub will prevent diseases from spreading to other plants in your yard (as well as your neighbors!) and will help the overall health of your tree or shrub.

Taking good care of your landscaping needs for the winter means that your yard will be in better shape come spring.

If yard maintenance is getting the best of you, why not give us a call today to talk about low-maintenance landscaping solutions?  We are currently scheduling free initial in-home consultations to get the planning process rolling so when spring comes to Minnesota, landscaping installation can get going right away.