What MN Businesses Can Get From 2015 Commercial Landscaping Trends

Landscaping isn’t just for homes; businesses and commercial properties can benefit from some landscaping touches, too.  There are many specifics that go into landscaping for the commercial installations. When it comes to choosing which might fit with your property, you may want to consider which are trends this year – landscaping touches that might welcome your employees, customers, or visitors the most and look the most beautiful. We can provide tips on how you can design and install the best landscape around your commercial building.

Landscape Lighting Benefits Commercial Properties

Putting lighting down the walkways can provide the right illumination that customers need to find exactly where they have to go. In addition, down lighting can provide the glow over the items throughout the landscape and the outside of the building. This not only welcomes guests, but it can also provide some additional security by lighting up otherwise dark areas.

Smart Water Features

Smart technology is making its way into water features for landscaping, such as fountains.  With smart water fountains, you’re creating a welcoming, comforting atmosphere for your guests to walk into. These smart water fountains are environmentally friendly, use less water and energy, and can provide the beauty that you want, when you want it. Your guests will feel the comfort right when they walk onto your property and see the refreshing fountain.  Outdoor water features such as fountains and mini-waterfalls can be customized to fit your needs and budget.

Enhance Client Expectations with Landscaping

When you welcome clients into your doors, they are already expecting something.  Why not make those expectations more positive?  When your building is looking less than welcoming, they might actually be afraid to find out what is inside. They might also be worried about the type of people that they will find inside the building. When you greet them with a beautiful landscape, they will be much more pleased to walk inside for your services or products.

Architectural Landscape Design does design and installation for commercial properties throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro and not just for homes of the area. Speak with us today to find out how we are able to help you with all of the landscape design plans you need to make before the spring time.