Water and Fire Can Coexist in Minneapolis

If you live in MN, then you probably have a lake not very far from your home. MN is known as the land of 10,000 lakes, so most homes will take water into consideration when it comes to their landscaping plans.
Building a pond or small waterfall to help channel ground water will not only create a beautiful space on your property, but if combined with an outdoor fire pit, it can raise the value of your home and its sale-ability quite nicely.
Ponds and waterfalls have become common place in the landscaping industry now, and can be assembled with materials that are designed to be zero maintenance, and last for decades. Other than a little water treatment, your backyard pond can add a depth and ambiance that will benefit both you and the environment in many ways.
Surrounding this pond with a stone patio will make the space more stable, and provide a landing for you to set up a fire pit that you can enjoy all year long. Fire pits often serve many purposes. They are the perfect place to get rid of all those branches and twigs that show up in the fall and their burn ashes will provide a great base for your compost pile.
Bringing fire and water together can establish a certain tranquility that most people can enjoy for hours on end. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, or even complicated, simply having these 2 elements in close proximity is enough to touch the soul of most people who take the time to enjoy it. These spaces can be designed and delivered in just a few short months, and when built by experienced professionals like Minnesota’s Architectural Landscape Design, you can be sure that you will not have any ‘unexpected problems’ when the cold weather sets in. We have years of experience, and use only the best business practices to ensure that your landscape design will work perfectly for  years to come. Give us a call, 952-292-7717 to learn more about what we can design for you.